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  1. You can not eat dog food.
    Because many of our food is harmful to dogs, if you don't know how to choose the right food for the dog, it may make the dog get sick, so dog food is a good choice.
    This dog food is mainly to provide the most basic life guarantee, growth and development and health of animal dogs. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption, scientific formula, quality standards, convenient feeding, and preventing certain diseases.
    The advantages of dog food:
    1. Each dog food is designed by a professional pet nutritionist according to the dog's own physiological nutritional needs, which contains protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. of pet dogs, etc. Wait, it has the advantages of strong nutritional pertinence, targeted, comprehensive nutritional science, and balanced nutrition;
    2, dog food packaging specifications are diverse, simple and easy to carry, can satisfy pets in different environments to allow pets to eat in different environments. The best food can also save a lot of time for pet owners to cook food for pets.
    3. Any kind of dog food contain nutrients that improve immunity to dogs, which can greatly improve the ability of pet dogs, not easy to get sick, and prolong the life of pet dogs;
    4, general dog food They all have the advantages of low moisture content, easy to save, and not easy to deteriorate. They can ensure the safety of pet food, avoid pets caused by expired, mildew, and deterioration foods;
    extension information:

    The food that dogs can eat:
    1, rice noodles
    If we feed dog rice rice, it is best to be brown rice, because brown rice belongs to coarse grains. It is easy to digest and absorb, but it must be appropriate, which is one -tenth of the daily amount of food; as for the noodles, try to cook as long as possible and be light salt;
    2, meat
    dogs dogs The dog itself is a carnivore. How can we lack meat in its daily life, but we should pay attention to feeding meat:
    (1) We must ensure that the meat is cooked meat, and we must not give the dogs to eat raw meat. Or half cooked meat;
    (2) Do not eat too fat fat for dogs;
    (3) Be sure to cut a little, and it will be better after chopping;
    (4 (4 4 ) You must not give the dogs that are not fresh or deteriorated.
    3, vegetables
    The vegetables are rich in nutrients. You can eat it for dogs (winter melon, carrot, potatoes, leafy green vegetables).
    4, bread
    The whole wheat bread is conducive to the health of the dog's internal organs. Everyone must pay attention to "whole wheat bread"!
    5, bone
    Like a toy, it seems to be playing with it. But it must be to eat it after being cooked, because there are many viruses and bacteria on the bone, which is not good for the dog's health. In addition, chicken bones cannot be eaten by dogs, because the chicken bones are crispy, and the dogs can easily form a sharp shape after the dogs are bitten. disease.
    Although dogs can eat some human foods, the owner must control the weight, not to give the dog too much, and often give dogs to eat human food. host.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog Food

  2. Relatively speaking, it is better to eat dog food, especially dogs with pure varieties, otherwise it is prone to hair loss, and there are some bad reactions and skin diseases.
    But there is no other thing. Now many family dogs are eaten everything, but just pay attention to it. Do n’t eat salty foods and some dogs that dogs ca n’t eat.

  3. You can also feed the dogs for the same food
    . As for whether the dog can grow up healthily depends on the dog's creation
    Most of them have salt
    The dogs can't stand it
    Dogs need some trace elements to enhance the hair color. n, if you just support it, you can just
    , but if you want the dog to be healthy and beautiful
    , then you are really responsible for raising

  4. It is not necessary, but the best, comprehensive nutrition, and saving! My dogs from snack dog food, long and strong, wool. I feed mellow dog food ~

  5. No, because there are many nutrients in dog food, the dog is not easy to get sick, and it looks beautiful. If you often eat it with people, the dog's hair will have no gloss, the eyes will have red tears, and the eyes will be turbid. If it is a white dog, its hair will yellow

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