What dogs are the smartest and loyal and good dogs?

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  1. Basic file category: single hound name: Labrador aliases: Labrador Retriever Origin: Canadian body height: Gong dog height 56-62cm, bitch 54-59cm. Weight: 25-34kg Origin: At the beginning of the nineteenth century, taking the salt ship from Newfoundland to the UK. I heard that this kind of dog was the earliest dog that was introduced to Europe. It is said that its origin is from the coast of the Labradorine. Because the aquatic industry there makes it a close relationship with people who have lost their jobs or fishing utensils that have been lost in the sea. In addition, there are some legends on the other hand. Laibrador hound later repeatedly mixed, reducing the weight, and was used as a Retriever who recovered the prey. Mao color: luster or not, it must be seen in natural light to be accurate. Although it is difficult to explain in words here, as long as it makes people feel that the color of natural luster lubrication is ideal, and the body of the whole body should be monochrome. The hair color is black, yellow, and a small number of chocolate color. This dog can also be used as a guide dog, police dog and hunting dog. Naturally, it is because it is intellectual, smooth, and fast training. Therefore, if you can train it well, you can bring it anywhere at any time. In Europe, many people often take it to the restaurant to eat with the train. In terms of personality, although this dog seems to be slower and tamed by nature, and rarely show its strong side, in fact it is a very active dog. Therefore, when selecting excellent puppies, choose lively and moving. Eyes: When puppies, the eyes are wearing dark blue, and they will turn dark brown with growth in the future. Please do not choose puppies with too shallow eyes. Ears: The face is horizontal rectangular, the ears are on the front of the face, and the shape is a heart -shaped heart shape. After the thick ears grow up, there will be a lot of hair. Nose: The color is the best black. Don't choose puppies with light red and flower nose. Teeth and occlusion: The upper and lower teeth should be tight and there are no gaps. The front feet of the limbs hang down from the shoulders. Backfoot: From the back, the body and feet are straight. If the paparazzi has the eight -character foot, be careful, let it walk, and observe it from the back to see if it will show the eight -character foot when walking around. If so, it will have a great chance of suffering from Hip Dyplasia. Breeding: Basically, paparazzi is raised indoors, so you should prepare a larger cage or fence. Because it grows fast, the cage or fence must be prepared to be large. Labrador basically does not need too much exercise, but it is too reluctant to walk indoors. At least it takes to take it out for 12- to 20 minutes every day or every other day. The Labrador hound is easy to train, and it learns the fastest obedience to the order. As long as you need to train a short time, what it learns is also amazing, especially its sense of smell, which can train it to sniff drugs and prohibited products, and play an important position in the military and police community. Of course, even such a smart Labrador hound, it is useless if you can't train well. The Labrador Hound is famous for guide dogs. Because of its slow action, it has already become the mainstream of indoor dogs in Europe, and in the UK, from the upper class to the people, it has been widely accepted and welcomed. It is said that its actions are slow because it does not suddenly rush over, or repeatedly turns the interior, and it will suddenly rush to the child. Families to raise large dogs indoors, it is best to think of it as a "entry dog". One of the charm of the Labrador Hound is to swim in water. The Labrador Hounds from Water Hound like to play water and are very good at swimming. On the summer vacation and holiday, the whole family took it to camping, so that it was the most suitable for it to make a sea bath. In short, among the large dogs that can be raised indoors, they can become our good partners. It has been NO. 1 in the world's most popular dog breeds. St. Bernard San Bernard is smart, loyal and docile. It likes children, because it is large, it requires a large space and a lot of feeding. It was reproduced from the Morosz dog in ancient Rome. [Origin] San Bernard is named after the San Bernard Church Hospital in the Alps. During 1660 ~ 1670, Santa Bernard was famous for the ambulance climber. One of the San Bernard, named Barry, rescued 40 people's lives from 1800 to 1810. Before 1830, all St. Bernard dogs were short -haired, but that year, it was dissolved into Newfoundland's dog blood. Because of this, San Bernard now has both short hair and long hair species. In 1810, San Bernard, named Lion, was taken to Britain. In 1863, the dog species participated for the first time. In 1887, St. Bernard's international judgment standard was born in Berne. [Personality and Nursing] From the true story of San Bernard's ancestors, dog breeds are smart, easy to train, and love children. Like many large dog species, they cannot do a lot of exercise before the age of 1, and the daily short -distance walking is essential. It requires daily comb and sufficient food. Sadly its life is very short. [Appearance characteristics] Dog genus: working dog shoulder height: male dog 69 cm bitter 64 cm weight: 48.6 ~ 90 kg quilt: thick, short and smooth paste body hair color: orange, reddish brown to light yellow brown, reddish brown, reddish brown Or white, the color of the trunk into a block, from the forehead, around the mouth, nose, neck, chest, limbs, and tail tip, all have white noodles, and black spots on the facial ears. Head: Better -wide forehead eyes: medium size. Ear: medium size, vertical ears: wide and muscle strong shoulders, wide straight back. Tail: Location of Husky Slash (Husky) Personality: docile, strong alert, beautiful hair color and no taste. Body: males 53-60 cm, 40-56 catties; female height is 51-56 cm, 36-42 catties. Male is more beautiful and easy to manage than female. Mao color: black and white, gray, brown white; eyes are divided into blue, black, and tea; the nose is black, reddish brown or pink (complement the hair color). Toe: Oval, there is a cricket between the toes, and the wolf claws must be removed. Price: At present, the market price of puppies is 4000-10,000 yuan. By the way, it is the big dog who took a photo with Nicholas Tse. The dogs with a sled in the cold can be called "sled", but the "sled" that is usually introduced is often referred to "Husky" — a working dog breed in Siberia.

  2. The pet dog in my family is Jingba, the name is Xiaoxue, some skewers, pure white, very loyal. Whenever you go home, it is welcome to come back and back, and at this time, you will forget the troubles encountered outside.

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