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  1. Teddy and Husky, two varieties of dogs, are best raised. The Teddy dog's personality is lively, very sensitive, smart, and strong in adaptability. It can be said that it is very good. Husky's appearance is very beautiful and gentle. It is one of the three major offensive dog breeds in the world, and they are not picky and very good.
    The benefits of nourishing Teddy
    1. The body shape is relatively small. I believe that many families who have raised large dogs in their homes are deeply appreciated. Although large dogs are also funny and cute, they are really sad when they serve its diet.
    2, small food amount
    This is not caused by diseases or low appetite. In fact, it has a small amount of food. In its own growth process, according to different ages, the feeding things and the number of times are different.
    The benefit of Yang Huski
    1. Very handsome
    The biggest advantage of Husky is its beautiful and cold shape. Like a wolf, when it is normal, take a closer look at the style of the wolf, just like the return of the king.
    2, there is the ability of "self -cleaning"
    Husky has a light taste and less saliva, and its hair is very clean, it is easy to take care of it. Sometimes it will not feel dirty without bathing for a long time. All right. However, if you want Husky's hair to be more beautiful, you can feed dog food with deep -sea fish oil, or properly feed some egg yolks, etc. It is good for the dog's hair.

  2. Teddy, Chinese pastoral dogs, golden retrievers, Husky and Labrador are best raised.
    1, Teddy
    Actually Teddy is a poodle, but in terms of appearance, they are more like teddy bear dolls, so they are named. The Teddy dog's personality is lively, very sensitive, smart, and strong in adaptability. It can be said that it is very good. In addition, their IQ is very high, ranking second among all dogs!
    2, Chinese pastoral dog
    Although the Chinese pastoral dogs are not favored or even look down, they are the most likely to raise dogs. The Chinese pastoral dog is also a native dog. Others are not good -looking for native dogs. Some native dogs are particularly good -looking and the price is not low.
    Ito dogs that are easy to raise, even if it is a native dog born in our country, it is easy to raise. It can be said that the resistance is the strongest and will not get sick. Rough tea and light rice can meet their growth needs.

    3, golden retriever
    The IQ of Golden Retriever is particularly high. As long as they are simple training, they can learn. Golden Retriever is also the most popular dog currently raised. Their personality is very gentle and friendly. But the resistance is not weak. It is not very delicate dog. It is not very high in environmental and is not easy to get sick.
    The golden retriever is a particularly cute and cheerful dog. It is not aggressive and requires a certain amount of exercise. So raising golden retriever is a good choice.
    4, Husky
    Husky's appearance is very beautiful and gentle. It is one of the three major non -aggressive dog breeds in the world, and they are not picky, but sometimes they will suddenly become nervous and make this kind of demolition family. Stupid. In fact, their IQ is not low, but they believe in humans that are incomparable, just like believe that they will not bite themselves.
    But they are easy to raise. The owners who have raised Husky know that they are almost not sick and are particularly easy to raise dogs. It will bring a lot of happiness to their families.
    5, Labrado
    Labrador is a particularly excellent working dog. They are involved in many fields. The best is the guide dog. Attitude is particularly good. Labrador is also a very lively and cute dog, but when they put on the clothes of the guide dog, they immediately enter the working state, knowing the importance of their work, and cannot play with temperament.
    of course, they are also very resistant to dog breeds. They are not easy to get sick. Simple dog food and daily diet can meet the needs of the Labrador dog, and they will not have much illness.
    It Labrador likes to please his family very much. It is a very ideal family pet, so it is also very good.
    If Note: To raise pet dogs, especially puppies, they need to take care of it. It is better to choose a dog for 3 months. It is their owner. At this time, puppies are also the easiest to train and accept things.
    It, pet dogs are dogs who often live with their families. They need to make them healthy and beautiful. It is better to trim them and be professional. It should not be too short to reduce skin protection.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nHello, I am glad to answer it for you. After all, dogs are also human -friendly and obedient. They are not very picky. They will not add any chaos to you and can bring fun to your life. It is worth raising.nIn fact, dogs are very good at raising. It mainly depends on whether you like dogs and dogs. Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings. There is a dog beside me. It is a happy and happy thing. Dogs are not troublesome. Dogs will lose hair. Pay attention to this, but you can pay attention to your diet. The hair loss will not be too serious. There is no taste of the dog. Eat it with stimulating things (such as spicy, too salty, and not suitable for eating more, chocolate must not be eaten, otherwise the dog will die), give the dog a light thing, there is no taste, there is no taste, there is no taste. Food is also possible, because the dog has no taste and eat more fruits and vegetables. There will be some fleas or some small bugs on the dogs. At this time, you must pay attention to the cleaning and hygiene of the dog. Keep clean. Dogs are really easy to raise. Don't look at it too much trouble. You must know that it is a dog, we are people, and we will definitely have different life. As long as you come into contact with the dog yourself, you can know that the dog raises the dog Benefits. Dogs have been around you for a long time, dogs will be your good partner. What is important is that dogs can bring you countless happiness!nI hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~~nMore 2nBleak

  4. The Chinese field dog is best raised.
    1, loyalty:
    This garden dogs are very loyal to the owner. This may be because it is often disliked by people, so they are very loyal to the owner and think that the owner is the best person in the world. If you are in danger, the Chinese garden dog must be the first dog to stand in front of the owner.
    2. Strong survival ability:
    The Chinese pastoral dogs are mostly strong, strong in survivability, not picky eaters, strong gastrointestinal adaptability, not comparable to ordinary breed dogs.
    3, clever:
    The varieties of dogs look a little stupid, like a silly white sweets, cannot distinguish whether it is good or bad. However, the Chinese garden dog is very smart in this regard. It can judge whether the people at home are good or bad. It is a visitor or theft. If it is a guest, if it is a thief, it will look at you don't scream. Hurry down immediately.
    4, alert:
    It is said to be a very suitable dog for housekeeping, because they are very vigilant, they can keep a little sober and do not eat food feed by others.
    5, independent non -sticky person
    The pet dogs like to spoil with the owner and insist on their owners, but Chinese rural dogs are relatively independent. They silently spent most of the time as guardians.

  5. A good dog: German Dog, Golden Retriever, Pomeranian.
    1, German dog.
    Themier's Icardic IQ is very high. In many cases, you can accurately understand the owner's order. If you are training training, you can learn and remember it in basic teaching. Clear, it is convenient for dogs to understand, and reward one or two chickens, dried fries, etc. when the dog performs well, I believe the effect will be better.
    2, golden retriever.
    The IQ of the Golden Retriever is very high, ranking fourth, and it is relatively easy to train parents. Basically, it is necessary to teach 10 editors. The passwords should be clear, neat, and simple. No matter how high IQ, I can't understand the password of the owner. That is also a blessing. When training, you can reward some delicious snacks, such as chicken triga, can be trained, can also grind teeth, can also wear teeth, or molars to wear teeth. This is particularly easy to train.
    3, Pomeranian.
    For Bomei dogs, there is no need to exercise a lot, and walking every day can meet its exercise needs. It is very smart, so the degree of training is extremely high. Some simple daily training can be learned soon. In fact, general training dogs need to take some training small snacks (such as chicken jerky, dried fries or a few dog food), so the effect of training will definitely be better.

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