Changsha Dogs accidentally fell to death when they sent pet shops. How should the dog owner ask for compensation?

5 thoughts on “Changsha Dogs accidentally fell to death when they sent pet shops. How should the dog owner ask for compensation?”

  1. Dogs were killed when they were nursing in pet shops. This incident is purely an accident. No one wants to see such a thing. The dog owner should negotiate with the store and issue relevant certificates to prove that this pet dog How much is it bought. If the two parties fail to negotiate, you can go to the court to prosecute, you can find an authoritative department for evaluation, and you can also find the news media for help.
    The pet dogs in Changsha accidentally died when they were beautiful in pet shops. The owner of the dog was very sad. Because the employees of the pet shop made mistakes, they should be responsible for compensation. The two parties should conduct negotiation and resolve. Pet shops should compensate according to the price of pets. If the two parties have ambiguity in the process of negotiation, they should provide relevant basis for the dog owner. The owner of the dog cannot provide a basis for compensation, so the pet shop refuses to compensate the dog's owner's amount, and this incident has not been resolved.
    The unusual negotiation, the owner of the dog can go to the court to prosecute, asking pet shops to compensate. The court will also ask the dog's owner to provide relevant evidence. If the dog's owner cannot provide evidence, it cannot compensate according to the amount required by the dog's owner. The two parties can only sit down and negotiate. If the negotiation is not successful, they can only wait for the court to judge how much money the court judges how much money is compensated, unless the owner of the pet dog can find relevant evidence. The owner of the pet dog requires the pet shop to compensate. The pet shop feels that the price is too expensive, so the solution of this incident also needs to provide further evidence.
    This parties cannot reach an agreement, so you can ask a third party to negotiate and solve it. The pet dog owner can also ask some authoritative departments to evaluate. How much is this pet dog worth? It can be evaluated according to market price. If both parties recognize the evaluation of a third party, they can further talk about compensation. If one party does not recognize, you can only find news media, communities, etc. to help, no matter who you are looking for, you can have the consent of both parties to compensate.

  2. When the dog owner is facing this situation, it is best to protect your rights and interests through legal means, and this is also because of the improper care of pet shops that can lead to the lack of dogs. Therefore Corresponding compensation.

  3. This requires the mediation between the two parties and discuss the compensation. If the compensation problem cannot be resolved, you can also ask legal aid. However, under the mediation of the reporter, the pet shop finally compensated 18,000 yuan. Ms. Ge in Changsha sent her pet dog to a pet shop to take a bath, because the clerk's operation was improper, causing the pet dog to die. According to the lady's description, she bought a bitch of 25,000 yuan at first. The dead dog was a child gave birth to a bitch. At that time, some people wanted to spend 38,000 yuan to buy, but she did not agree at the time.
    Pet shops also expressed their willingness to compensate, but the specific price of the dog requires this lady to provide some evidence. If there is no evidence, you can't say how much money is. Later, with the help of the reporter The agreement also agreed to pay. Although it did not match the amount the lady wanted, the lady finally accepted it.
    Colidation of pet dog prices, if you were buying pet dogs at the beginning, if you have consumer records, you can find the original price of the pet shop to compensate. After the identification results come out, you know the general price. The death of pet dogs in the pet store itself makes the lady sad. After all, this is a pet dog who has been with her for a long time. Treating pet dogs is like treating her relatives. The relationship with pet dogs is definitely not ordinary. Now The dog died, and it should be a big blow to the lady.
    Af the pet shop was bathing for the dog, it did not give the dog a safety rope, which eventually caused the dog to fall down and death. This is the mistake of pet shops and needs to be compensated. This pet shop is pretty good. I did not shirk responsibility. I also know that I want to compensate. It is better to speak. If I encounter a very unreasonable pet shop, I have been refused to compensate, and I can only go to the court in the end. Through this incident, when this pet shop usually takes a bath for pet dogs, you need to pay more attention to see if the safety rope is given to the dog and attracts it. I hope that this kind of thing will not happen again.

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