1 thought on “How to bury the dog when the dog is dead”

  1. If the dog dies, the owner can bring its corpse to the local health center for processing. This method is more environmentally friendly and it is a way that shovel officers usually choose. You can also choose to let your professional pet funeral companies set up dogs, but the price may be more expensive.
    and there are relatively few options. Some pet hospitals also provide services to place pet corpses. Doctors can professionally dispose dogs.
    If the precautions of the dog burial
    The dead dog residual virus will have a greater impact on future dogs. My friend has just read the report that the small virus can be stored in room temperature for more than half a year. It is best not to bring another puppy into the house within six months, otherwise the same virus will be infected.
    The doctor told that do not raise dogs within three months, or it will be contagious. Small viruses can survive in the environment for 3 months to half a year. Raising dogs, it is best to clean up with disinfectant during 3 months, and the disinfection solution must be cleaned up, and ultraviolet lights can be shot. After all, the furniture sofa cannot be thrown, and it is not convenient to spray disinfection.

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