2 thoughts on “What are the tricks to buy pet dogs? How do you know if it is sick?”

  1. 1. The eyes are bright and flexible. The left and right side of the head use sound to determine whether the auditory hearing is normal.
    2. Nasal mirrors are moist, the eyes, ears, and nose are clean and non -secretions, and there is no odor in the ear.
    3. Eye mucosa, oral mucosa and tongue color rosy but no bloodshot.

  2. Buying dogs is a great knowledge
    Remember the following points to help you choose a healthy dog! First
    It look at the dog's nose
    The whether the dog's body is healthy and look at the nose. Just see if there is a snot
    The second
    In eyes
    The eyes of the good dog are bright
    This dogs who are sluggish are semi -raised

    is also the easiest to identify the mental state that I just learned from the pet hospital n The killer 锏 锏 锏 锏 锏
    The back of the dog
    The neck near the head
    to see if there are small hard blocks
    Don’t buy the puppy with injections
    The kind of dog is a stimulant
    does not pass cheap
    The luck will not visit you
    Buy I had to spend very little money
    I wrote so much
    to add points to

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