4 thoughts on “Pet dogs have gradually become members of pet -raising families.”

  1. Pet dogs have gradually become members of pet -raising families. Different from the overall spiritual appearance of the dog. Dogs have many similarities with people. They are emotional, happy, chill, and angry. And the mental appearance is a comprehensive reflection of the dog's health. Be sure to choose a puppy and choose a cheerful and smart to take it back.

    If discrimination according to the dog surface: whether the hair is smooth and neat, whether the muscle tissue is uniform and rich, whether the limbs are symmetrical and strong, whether the behavior is strong, whether the footsteps are stable, there are any footsteps, there are any steps, there are any steps, there are any steps, there are any steps, there are any stability, there are any footsteps, are there any stability? There is no slope corner condition. A good dog will be more popular. From the dog's ears, nose, and eyes, the eyes of the dog are neat and keen. I will make a sound behind the dog in an empty place. It's normal. The nose of a dog with a healthy dog ​​should be humid, slightly cold and clean. The dog's eyes should be bright, clean, black and white, and have aura. If the dog's cornea is turbid, vitiligo may be canine plague or infectious hepatitis.
    If part from the dog's mouth: The key is to teeth, tooth beds, breath, divide the must -have. The teeth of physical and mental health dogs should be white without tooth stains and destruction. The tooth bed should be pink, there is no white foam -shaped division, and it is not too pungent in one breath. Different from the dog's foot pads: The pads of the puppy are relatively soft and tender, and the adult dog's foot pads are rich and firm. If the dog's foot pads are cracking, it indicates that the lack of nutrition, the puppy pads are solid and the words may be the main manifestation of the early stages of the dog plague. Jelly distorted. At the same time, the small tail state is enough to illustrate the personality of a pet dog. The dogs with a tail have been bold and easier to be nervous.
    In normal living environment. The normal body temperature of physical and mental health dogs is: 38.5-39 ° C in puppies, and adult dogs 37.5-38.5 ° C. One effective way to distinguish the dog's fever is to analyze the dog's nose, ears and spiritual appearance. The normal dog's nose is cool and humid, and the skin temperature of the ears is the same as other parts. Once the dog's nose (nasal mirror) air is dry, the skin temperature of the ears is higher than other parts, and the puppy is not delicate, the appetite is not good, and the dry mouth is improved, it means that the dog's body temperature is very high.

  2. Pet dogs are gradually becoming a member of a pet family. If it is panting heavy, it may be uncomfortable, which may be sick.

  3. In the process of raising dogs, the state of dogs is very important. It should be seen by judging the state of the dog and the complexion of the dog. Healthy dogs are generally translucent.

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