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  1. Dogs suddenly wolf, often scared people. Obviously the environment looks normal, why did it suddenly linger?
    It calling for dogs is one of their ways of communication, using sound and physical movements to communicate with similar kinds. Clearly understanding Wang's motivation can make us and dogs closer.
    Confirmation location
    The dogs will pass the information by howling. When the distance between them and the owner and the owner is farther, they may use this way to convey the location information. But it is better to share than WeChat's location!
    The warnings
    Dogs always divide the scope of power. When their territory is violated or there is potential risks, they will use howl to issue warnings. Daily strangers approaching or huge sounds may cause the danger alerts of the Wangs.
    Is Joy

  2. Have you ever met the dogs that the dogs heard the sound of wolf, and the dogs will also howl. Sometimes, your dog may hear what sound, and it will suddenly howl. In fact, few people don't know why dogs how inexplicably howling! Do you know that dogs and howling wolves have 5 meaning!
    1. Keeping natural
    Is all know that the ancestors of the dog are wolf, and the wolf is born to howl, so more or less retains the previous habits and nature. When the wolf encounters danger in the wild or summons his companion, he will show up and send information to his companions. Therefore, it is not ruled out that the dog will take similar methods under the same circumstances.
    2. Emotional
    Sometimes after the dogs are frightened, they may also vent them by howling. For example, dogs can be scared when they hear some sounds of planes, etc., because the dog's hearing is very sensitive, and sometimes some sounds are scared for them, which will be scared.
    3. Attracting different
    The dogs to learn wolf may also be pursuing love and want to ask for a partner, so this wolf screams, because the dogs in the love. Will secrete a hormone. This hormone will affect the dog's sense. If you want to call puppets through the wolf, the mother who wants to hear can respond to it.
    4. Life is too boring
    The breeds such as Husky and Alaska, it can be said to be very common. In fact, they may also be full of food and drink, and feel that life is too boring. If you want to call a call, you can attract attention, or you can feel fun. If the dog's life is too boring, the owner remember to bring the dog to play to play, you can bring delicious and healthy chicken jerky snacks, interact with the dog, can release energy and improve your feelings
    5. I feel danger. R n says that dogs have predicted capabilities. When they feel dangerous incidents, dogs will tell people through howling. If your dog usually just screams, and suddenly a wolf howling appears, you need to pay more attention to

  3. It may be that I suddenly remembered to how to howl, it didn't make any sense.
    Sometimes your dog has no reason to howl. Maybe he heard the flute of the car outside, wanted to know what it was, or what he wanted to eat. Just idle, howling with a throat.

    This may feel anxiety
    When the ancestor of the dog is in the wild, he will determine whether he is in the team by howling. The same is true for dogs. When he feels anxious, or suddenly finds that the owner is not around, he may find the master by howling.

    The body is not comfortable
    howling may also indicate that the dog is suffering from pain, and the body is a little uncomfortable.

    This need to get the care of the owner.
    The your dog may want to attract your attention by howling, especially when it feels boring, nervous, or needs to release energy. It seems to be saying "shovel, come here to play." At this time, you can take him out and shake around, or throw him a toy or something.

    Llexing is a completely normal way of communication, rooted in the wild past of your dog.

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