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  1. Yesterday, after seeing the police car stopped by the Beibei pet shop, many people were surrounded, so I looked at it. It turned out that the dog who bought the dog said it was the case: the dog bought at the end of June, go home 3 God coughed, and then spent about 1,000 in a pet hospital for injections, but the doctor said that the dog had a dog plague basically not to see it, so he did not need to spend money. Then he went to Beibei 10 days ago to go to Beibei 10 days ago. The pet shop calls the boss to see the dog and say whether it can be optimistic. The boss said that there is a dog plague himself, and he has been shirging responsibility. Later, after a long time, sending the dog in the pet shop for the boss to help the dog optimistic, and he was optimistic about calling him, but the dog died in a few days, but the boss did not call him, and the dead dog did not see it. When I quarreled yesterday, there were still a few people who bought dogs there. They said that they died a few days after buying, and they were all died of small dog plague. In fact, I also bought dogs there, but it ’s just a hundred dogs. There are not a few hundred. I cough after a week when I came back. Later, I checked on the Internet and learned that the sick dog was famous for that shop. It is commonly known as the dog, which is about to get sick for a week. They are all lively dogs, very healthy dogs, but they take it home without injections. Many people think they have not raised themselves. Moreover, that shop does not sign a contract, she is not responsible for your dog's accident, and other pet shops seem to be available. I believe that many people have bought dogs on her side, and they have suffered losses, but few people go to her, and she is more and more shameless and always sells sick dogs. I remember those friends who walked dogs in Longquan Mountain said that 10 dogs 9 dogs there were only sick dogs. What they knew would never buy dogs there, and she walked around through her store. From yesterday, the boss bite his teeth and refused to lose his teeth. He said that it was her own. Later, the police came and told her to lose money to say that she had to speak honestly to do business. Later, she coordinated for a long time. She took out 600 for a long time. That Labrador sold to that person 1800 to see a doctor more than 1,000, and it was useful to lose 600. In the end, it was estimated that the police were there, and it was not easy to buy a dog. That's it. Hey, you can only say a lesson for those who do not experience! I posted here today. I hope everyone will be considered to be a precepts. I feel unbelievable. I checked it online. In the evening, I saw the dog walking dog walking and asked if she was selling a sick dog. Only a fool went to her there Dog buy

  2. There are many Yuyao pet shops, and now there are almost every place. If it is said that it is good to recommend: Yuyao Cat

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am Xiao Chen, your question will be answered by me. It takes a while to sort out the answer. Please wait patiently for 5 minutes ~nGo to the Liangliang Line of the Liangshangliang Line just out of the Yuyao City Interchange Bridge, there is a special dog stall, and Lubu also has a professional dog farming field. Sell ​​a variety of puppies and finished dogs. If you buy different pet dogs or go under the bridge, the dog raising field is all thousands of famous dogs.nThe dog's nest pet living hall, the address is located at No. 41, Shunshui South Road, Yuyao City, Ningbo City, Zhejiang ProvincenYuyao's bone help pet shop, the address is located at No. 11, Hardware, Yangjia Village, Yangxia Street, Langxia Street, Yuyao City, Ningbo CitynI hope my answer can help you, I wish you a happy life, if you can, you can like it, thank you [Flowers]nQuestion have a phone callnIf the answer is not, this cannot be notified by the phone. It is stipulated by the platformn[Happy] [Happy] [Happy]nAsk you to say that there are dogs for sale in these two places?nAnswer OKnThere are dogs soldnMore 9nBleak

  4. It took not long to take a long time to be rich in the pet park No. 48, No. 48, and there are pet beauty, supplies, etc. Pets seem to be produced by themselves. The last time I bought a bear. I also introduced friends.

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