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  1. In when it is poured, the dog cannot be moved
    The animals will use the way of pretending to be mixed in order to avoid the pursuit of other natural enemies. For example, hamsters are a dead ability. However, for the current dogs, it is more of a performance in pretending to die, which does not have much practical significance.
    is indeed a very cute and humorous performance. When the dog hears the "gunshot" we emits, it will fall to the ground and pretend to be died. Just as they were really dead, they did not jump until they got the instructions of the owner again, just like nothing happened.
    Training one:
    First we let the dogs learn to lie down. This job is relatively simple. If the dog does not fall autonomously, we can gently push the dog down with our hands, and at the same time cooperate with the instructions of lying down. The difficulty is that the dog must cooperate with the gunfire and lie down in time. When we shot, that is, after simulating the sound of the shot, if the dog did not fall, we needed to push it down and soothe it. It is very enjoyable to make it feel that lying down. After lying down, you can give a certain touch or reward. Over time, it can connect the gunfire with the sound of the gun, instead of "password".
    The training 2:
    lying down -delay, let the dog lie down and do not move. This is the key to the success or failure of the dog's performance. If the dog is "resurrected" if the dog is not ordered by the owner, then this performance will obviously become a comedy. When the dog is lying down, the dog will try to get up soon. At this time, you have to sting it with Say NO and regain it. After it lie down quietly, give food encouragement. Remember, don't send out the password of "lying down" again, and you must not call its name. To let it understand that this is the continuation of the password just now, the password is not lifted. You must wait until the owner calls its name to let it make it allow it stand up. This lying down -delayed training should also grow slowly for a long time, not to be done overnight, and rush to achieve success. This process seems simple, but it is not easy to operate. Delaying training requires the patience of dogs and owners.

    The order without receiving the owner, the dog cannot get up
    Training three:
    Although some will not get up by yourself, it may jump after receiving the stimulus. rise. For example, we touched the dog lightly with our feet, or we heard an abnormal noise, and for the training effect, we need to improve this situation. If the dog tries to get up, it is necessary to stop Say NO in time, but let it keep it well lying down and encourage it.
    only when they hear the names we call it or get the password to get it up, the dog can get up. At this time, the owner needs to "wake up" the dog with a relatively high and enthusiastic voice. The password should be clear and decisive to avoid the occurrence of confusion that causes the dog. When the dog gets up, we must also encourage the dog in time. At this time, it is best not to use food as a reward to simply touch and encourage the dog.
    The training time for each training is not too long. Generally, 15-20 minutes are good. After a period of rest for a while, they will train them to help them strengthen their memory. The training venue does not need to be too quiet to make the dog know and hear the abnormal noise in time. If you do not receive your own instructions, you still cannot get up.

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