1 thought on “How to teach dogs to pretend to be dead”

  1. The method of teaching dogs to pretend to be dead is as follows:

    1. To teach dogs to pretend to be dead. It pours the ground. In the previous training, as long as the dog falls down, parents can eat the food as a reward to praise it well. After handling the mobile phone -type training in this way, it is necessary to gradually transition to the use of passwords to train pet dogs. Every time the dog hears a "bang" sound, he lay down and died.

    2. Of course, letting pet dogs learn to pretend to be dead is not a task that can be completed in one or two days. Parents' training also takes time. Train pet dogs need to be insisted every day, you can train 3-5 times a day, and you can keep your child for about 10 minutes at each training time. This can keep the dog's fun to participate in training and avoid excessive boredom training.

    3. Reminder, when training the dog to pretend to be dead, parents can also make a gesture of shooting, and then issue a "bang" instruction. Let the dog have a clear understanding of instructions and gestures. After a period of training, pet dogs will slowly form conditional reflexes. In the future, as long as you hear the instructions or see the gesture of the owner, it will perform "pretending to be dead".

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