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  1. Hello:
    This should be a very common single phobia. Now the more effective therapy is
    1. Hypnosis therapy.
    Mexed you in the hypnosis to recall the clips when you were a kid, and then defeated the dog under the guidance of the hypnotist.

    . Cognitive therapy
    The you realize that dogs are not terrible, especially puppy. In the early stage, you can find some dogs with a small courage, and you can run immediately when you see people with sticks or stones. Then let you face the stick or stone, so that you can realize that you can beat the dog. Dogs are very cute and easy to be tamed, so don't be afraid!

  2. When you go to the pet shop
    , when you are afraid of the dog, you can go to the pet shop and see those dogs, even if you are scared, because you are outside, you will endure that kind of fear. If you exercise a few more times, you will not be so afraid of dogs.

    Watch some dog videos
    I I like to watch some pet videos when I was idle, and I couldn't help laughing when watching those dogs lovely. So people who are afraid of dogs can watch more of these videos. There is really a healing effect. Why are they afraid?

    does not deliberately enlarge "fear"
    Actually, some people are not really afraid of dogs, but only once or a few times a little bit of dogs, they will emphasize themselves. I am afraid of dogs. In this way, your fear will be deliberately enlarged, so do not deliberately enlarge your fear.

    The family dogs
    of course, for those who are afraid of dogs, do not raise pet dogs, because I have to keep it good for it, and I have to be good to it, and I will always be good to it, and I will always be good to it, and I will always treat it. How can a person afraid of a dog take good care of the dog? That's it that you can keep a dog at home, so that in the long -term getting along, you will gradually become not afraid of the dog.

  3. Dogs are easy to identify people's emotions. It will observe your eyes. It can be seen that it is very afraid of fear, or there is an idea of ​​anger and hostility. Once it finds that you are scared, it will be motivated by justice, and you think you are a bad person and chase directly (or always call you).
    If you have hostile emotions, it will judge the strength between you and it based on the tools on your body. If it feels too powerful (such as a puppy), you will only chase after You call, and you will be very careful to avoid you to prevent you from attacking it. If it is a relatively large body shape, it will be exposed.
    So the best way to face this situation is: Don't show a fear or panic. If you have what you eat, you can throw it to it, and call his name with a very gentle voice. Every time I encounter this performance every time I meet, and then familiar with it, he will not call you. Or ignore him directly, don't show fear or anger, it won't be long, it will stop when you are far away.

  4. People have natural fear of unknown things, overcoming the psychology of fear of dogs, just need to know more about dogs.

    In you can try to raise it for a while to avoid the dog's close contact with your mother, and then slowly increase the contact between the dog and your mother. The dog's affairs, let him know the dog, and be familiar with the dog you raised. The time is a little longer, and she will have feelings for the dogs in her home.

  5. You can learn the great fighters of our god dogs. Use different smoke, chloroly kelol, etc. to kill what you said, wandering and loose dogs

    , for example, buy some meat filling, fry, and then use the strangeness Smoke or nitrate chlorophenols are crushed into powder, mixed with the meat filling, add sesame oil and starch to stir, it is best to add brown dog seductive agents to stir well. Find the sausage casing or avoid the condom, pour the meat filling into the cover, squeeze together, cut a small mouth, and make the shape of a dog feces. Put it again, so that the poison bait disguised as a dog feces is ready, you can try it. Do not dare to stole it in person, you can use the remote control toy turning vehicle.
    This will not be suspected by dog ​​slaves. You can boldly throw it on the cement floor. Take it in your hand to the place where you want to bury the mine. Do not do it. After dinner, it is the peak of the dog. At this time, the park has the least people in the park. At this time, it is best to bury a mine.

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