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  1. The hair of the dog hair care cheats is like a human hair. In addition to the natural genetic genes, it also needs to be taken care of in the process of growth. Nutritional conditioning and external cleaning, combing, etc. Only by taking care of the dogs carefully can we get healthy "hair".
    First of all, let's first understand the basic common sense of dog hair, so that everyone can know how to better care for them.
    The dog hair growing cycle

    The hair of dogs grows all life, and most of them must be removed. The basic cycle of hair growth is divided into three stages
    The end of growth
    The early stage of growth refers to the stage when the hair grows from the nipple. Once it grows to the appropriate length, the hair stops growing. At this time, the hair is still connected to the nipple, which is the mid -growth period. In the end, the nipple contracted, and before growing new hair, it relaxed the restraint of the original hair. This is the end of growth. Old hair often falls off or is pushed down by new hair. The entire growth process is different in different parts of the dog. The growth cycle is often related to the law of combing.

    The skin of the dog consists of two basic layers -epidermis (outer layer) and dermis (inner layer). The dog's skin is not as thick as humans, and the defense function of the human epidermis layer is replaced by the dog.

    The leather contains blood vessels, skin glands (including sebaceous glands) and hair follicles. Dog hair grows through the epidermis from here. Human epidermis and dermis are connected by intertwined ridges and make the skin be flexing. However, except for the thick skin of the nose and feet, there are very few ridges in the skin. But dog's hair follicles are more than humans, which helps combine two cortex.

    The fur

    The almost all dogs (except some "hairless" dog species) are covered with thick fur. The fur is composed of a large number of single hair, and each hair grows from the hair follicles. In the foundation of the hair follicles, there is a small nipples to create keratin, the so -called hair quality. Mao grows from several hair follicle complexes, including a main hair, or "protective hair", which belongs to the rough outer hair; and several supplementary hair forms soft inner hair. Most hair follicles have small muscles. Because these muscles are sharp corners, muscle contraction can cause "hair towering."
    S sebum glands
    S sebum glands are often connected to hair follicles to make dog fur oily. The sebum "plated" on the surface of the hair is on the surface of the hair to prevent the fur from being too humid or dry, and isolate the dog from changes in the external temperature.
    Special hair

    It some sensitive hair on the dog's body, its hair follicles are deeper, with more nerves and blood supply. They are: eyelashes, ear hair (hair on the auricular), nose hair.

    basic knowledge of hair color

    . We said that there are two exactly the same dogs in the world, even two dogs with one birth. There will be many differences in hair color. It can be seen that the hair color of the dog is indeed "deserved."
    The hair color of the dog is determined by the dispersing method of pigment particles and pigment particles in the hair. When the pigment particles are condensed tightly, the hair is dark. When the pigment particles are loose, the hair color is bright. When the melanin is scattered, the hair is gray, and the hair is black when it does not contain yellow pellets, but the hair is yellow when the black germers are not contained. If neither black and yellow pigment particles are not available, then it will be a dog with alphabetic disease. This dog hair is white and the eye circles are pink. Usually the hair color of dogs can be divided into white, black, brown, cyan, dark brown, iron gray, gray -brown, yellow -brown, gray -white, black and white, yellow -red, light red, etc. When the dog is about 6 months, the tire hair will all fall off and become normal hair. By the age of 6-7, the dog's mouths were long-sized white beards. In addition, it may also appear as white -haired white dog hair, and the dog hair will gradually be scarce, and its color and luster will gradually dim. rnrn狗狗毛发全面护理rnrn 狗的皮毛,以长短分可分为长毛,中毛和短毛,以品质分,可分为直毛、 Rolling hair, ripple hair, silk hair, coarse hair, rigid hair, fine hair, fluff, etc. As far as the hair dog is concerned, under its long hair, there is a cotton -like short hair (that is, plush). Of course, with the changes in the seasons, dog hair will also change differently.
    1. Diet therapy
    The hair quality is directly related to the nutritional status of dogs. Therefore, if you think of good hair, you must eat well.

    First of all, we need to understand what nutrition can help improve the hair of the dog.

    protein -sufficient protein can ensure the growth quality of the dog's hair, make the hair grow faster and stronger, and improve the hair split. Especially for long -haired dogs, sufficient protein is less likely to occur.

    The vitamin E -Vitamin E has the effect of anti -aging and antioxidant, which can improve the body's immunity, protect the integrity and function of cell membranes, and maintain the health of fur.

    The vitamin D — Vitamin D is the main substance of normal bone calcification. It can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine, help fur absorption and decomposition nutrients.

    Fat -fat is the main substance to ensure the light of dog fur, and it can also help it absorb other nutrients. Lack of fat can make the dog's skin itchy, increase this crumbs, and the fur is rough and dry.
    So what kind of food should be eaten to ensure that the dog is healthy?

    . Professional dog grain
    Professional dog food uses the formula developed by dog ​​nutrition experts to determine the effects of effective care of the dogs' identity. The balance of trace elements and fat content can help you gently supplement it for it.

    B. Foods that supplement protein and fat
    Pither with lean meat, cooked egg yolk, vegetable oil, etc., can help improve the brilliantness of fur. However, too much intake of fat will cause many other problems. When you send it, you must pay attention when preparing these foods for dogs, not too much.

    C. Foods that supplement trace elements
    The seaweed, vegetables, etc. are all rich in trace elements. However, unless your dog shows severe trace elements deficiency symptoms, it is basically not special supplement. TIPS: Mao Mao in winter
    The dogs will adjust their hair volume according to the surrounding temperature, so many professionals will raise them outdoors in winter, so that the cold temperature can stimulate them to grow up. It is the legendary hair. For ordinary pet dogs, the suffering of the cold frozenness is just to make the Mao grow lush, which is a bit worthless. In case of bad luck, I can get pneumonia or something, it will lose the wife and fold it again.

    This hair -we do not recommend it.

    2. Care
    A. Comb hair
    This hair is a very important link in the maintenance of dogs by Mao Ri Chang.
    The benefits of combing hair
    It combod the dogs frequently, so that not only can remove the hair dirt and dust from falling off, to prevent tangled hair, but also promote blood circulation and enhance skin resistance. Lift fatigue.

    The method of combing the hair
    The time of combing hair, combed each time in the morning and evening, combed the hair for 5 minutes a day.

    The order of combing hair
    starts from the neck, from the front to the back, from top to bottom, first from the neck to the shoulder, then the back, chest, waist, abdomen, abdomen, abdomen, abdomen , The back of the back, combing the head, the last is the limbs and tails, and the other side is combed.

    The technique of combing hair
    This hair should be combed quickly. When some people are combed with hair dogs, they only comb the long hair on the surface and ignore the sorting of the bottom hair (furry) below. The bottom hair of the dog is soft and dense. It is not sorted in the long run, which is easy to form tangled knots, and even cause eczema, psoriasis or other skin diseases. When combing for the long hair dog, we should comb in layer by layer, that is, the long hair is turned up, and then the bottom hair should be sorted out.

    B. Open hair knot
    This knot is an embarrassing topic. If your dog has a hair knot, it can only show that you usually do not take care of it. If hairy knots appear, it is necessary to deal with it as soon as possible, otherwise more skin problems will occur.
    The method of opening the hairy knot

    For dogs with severe tangled knots, you should use a comb or wire brush to follow the growth direction of the hair, combing from the tip of the hair, and then combed to the root of the hair. Do not comb with a little bit, so as not to cause pain or pull out the hair.
    If the rolling felt is serious, you can cut the felt slices with the direction of the scissors, and then sort out it. If you still can't comb, you can only cut the belt part.

    The precautions for opening hairy knot

    It is even more impossible to sort them out, so the dogs with hair knots must not be dipped in water.

    This Slow work
    Thising hair knot is a very testing work. The dog owner must pay twelve points of patience, as long as you have patience, you can open the hair knot.

    The two comb
    Plip the knot combed at the end of the hair with a row comb, and then slowly move to the hair root. When the hair is combed, the hair is combed smoothly with a mane. The fur spray is rich in cotton oil spray, which makes the combing hair easier.

    Is too long

    . If there are more than one place where the dog is knotted, or the knot is too serious, the time is not too long. It does not exceed 10 minutes each time, and a moderate rest and encouragement will help dispel the idea of ​​dog resistance to struggle.

    The short hair dogs such as Dubin immediately wiped the hair with a bath towel immediately after bathing, which will make the hair color brighter.
    The long hair dogs such as Beijing dogs, Malzis, Pomeranian and Afghan dogs, etc. After bathing, put the sprayer into distilled water and spray it gently on the dog hair. After drying, it will look fluffy and shiny.

    Inned knives: Use a special opening knife to help you deal with hairy knots more easily.
    The wild ciba is the world's most recognized and hardening natural object. It does not stimulate the skin. If you are expensive, you can consider using other multi -teeth combs instead.
    C. Bathing
    The correct bathing method is also the key to ensuring dog hair.

    This you need to pay attention to when bathing:

    First, you must sort out the hair before taking a bath. The tangled knot is more serious. When combing, in order to reduce the pain of the dog, you can hold the hair roots in one hand and sort out the other hand.

    . The temperature of the bath water should not be too high and low. Generally, it is 36 ° C in spring, and it is advisable to be 37 ° C in winter. Water is too cold or overheated, which will adversely affect the dog's hair follicles.

    Third, we must prevent the hair washing agent from combing into the dog's eyes and ears when bathing. It should be thoroughly flushed. Do not let the hair washing agent stay on it, which will stimulate the skin and cause skin inflammation.

    Fourth, bath should be carried out in the afternoon or noon. Do not take a bath during the air humidity or rainy days. Since you will remove a lot of fat on the hair after bathing, you should not put the dog after bathing in the sun.

    Fifth, bathing should not be too frequent. Frequent bathing will be washed off for protecting the fat layer of hair and skin, which may cause skin diseases and make hair dry. The long hair type has a short -haired hair combing
    variety: long hair type with short hair
    German shepherd dogs, Newfoundland, ancient shepherd dogs, Scotch shepherds
    Basic combed method method :
    The bath twice a year to comb the head and the scapula first, and then combine the hair backwards. The abdomen and waist are combed along the hair. When the hair is changed, the short hair should be combed.
    This hair should be precautions:
    This hair combed the jaw with fine teeth comb, the tail and ear.
    Special requirements:
    This owners cut the hair to 2-3 cm. The dog is more comfortable. If it is not cut short, it should be combed at least one hour a day. It's uncomfortable.

    The precautions when combing

    First, use special appliances when combing hair. Do not use comb and brushes for people. The usage of combing is to hold the comb with your hands, swing softly with your wrists, combing horizontally, and the combing combination of thick, middle, and thin eyes. There are many teeth of the needle comb. When combing, raise your hand, comb the comb.

    The second, the movements are soft and detailed when combing, and it should not be rough and dry. Otherwise, the dog will be painful, and the sorting of sensitive parts (such as external genitals) is especially careful when the hair near the hair.

    third, pay attention to observe the dog's skin. Clean pink is good. If red or eczema is presented, there may be problems such as parasites, skin diseases, allergies, etc., and should be treated in time.

    Fourth, finding insects such as flea and lice should be treated with insecticidal drugs in time.

    Fifth, when the dog's dirt is severe, while combing hair, it should be used with special conditioner and baby powder.

    Sixth, before combing the hair, if you can wipe the status of the dog with a towel soaked in hot water, the hair will be more beautiful.

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