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  1. How to take a bath correctly at home
    If in summer, it is more appropriate once a week. Washing it once every two to three weeks in winter. If you are too frequent, you will destroy the protective oil secreted by the dog itself. In winter, take a bath for dogs. Pay special attention to the temperature of the room. In the case of warm indoor, more than 30 degrees of water temperature is more appropriate. After washing, try to wipe more with a water -absorbing towel before you can go to the blow. Be sure to dry the bottom velvet completely, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold. The following is what I brought to you about how to take a bath to the dog correctly at home. Welcome to read.
    How to give the dogs to take the dogs and the skin of the dog and the human skin, the dog's special bathing fragrance wave should be selected, so that it will not cause irritation to the skin. Dry spring and winter can cause static electricity. Use pet special hair protection agents, such as protein water, chitin, or diluted baby skin oil, which will have a good effect.
    This before bathing
    The pill ball ball in the ear. Before taking a bath, confirm that you have dredged all hair for your dog. It is best to plug a cotton in the dog's ears to prevent the ear canal in water.
    This water method
    This head is close to the dog's body. If your dog is more afraid of bathing, don't spray the shower directly on them. We can cover the spraying mouth with our hands, let the water pass through our palms and then pour it on the dog's body. Another method is to save the shower from the dog's body zero distance to save the distance of "rushing" in the middle. Such a water flow is also mild. These two methods of flushing can reduce their fear.
    In the bath liquid
    Is to see the instructions of the pet bath liquid first, whether it needs to be blended with the water proportional. Generally, the better bath liquid needs to be blended. If it is washed directly with the original liquid, the effect is not necessarily the best. After wearing the bath, we should scratch in a certain direction and massage the dog. Do not grab it orderly, or rub the hair around, which will make the hair knot.
    This water flushing method
    Coustically hold the ears when rinse the head to prevent water from entering the water. Let it try to get rid of the water on your body and complete the bath. For the solery method of the body parts, the water method is the same as the previous water method. Pay attention to determine that the bath liquid on the dog is completely rinsed. Let's pay more attention to the rinse of the head. We should cover the dog's ears and eyes at the same time without letting it get into the water. The other hand put the spray head on the top of the dog, let the water flow down naturally.
    Stherow dry with water absorption towel. It is best to dry the dog body with a water absorption towel. Pets -dedicated water absorption towels are good and hygroscopic, and they do not absorb oil, which can keep the dog's fur shiny. Also, don't forget to pull out the cotton in the dog's ears.

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