1 thought on “Precautions for the elderly to raise pet dogs”

  1. Some elderly people are weak. It is more suitable for choosing dog breeds close to the owner, because such dogs have strong attachment to the owner, and the scope of activities is always around the owner. It is more obedient, making the owner feel attention and need.
    This is divided into large, medium and small. Small dogs weigh lightly, small foods, easy to carry and manage, and have low feed costs, which are more suitable for the elderly.
    When choosing a dog breed, the elderly should also pay attention to the length of the hair. Short -haired dogs are easy to clean and sort out, suitable for weak elderly people. The long -haired dogs need to take a bath and carefully sort out, and the elderly who like to groom the dog can also get a lot of fun from it.
    Is with waist and leg diseases, you need to be careful when walking the dog. Do not let the dog rope entangle your legs and feet to avoid being tripped. When walking out of the dog, it is best to choose a quiet place. Because dogs are easily irritable and frightened in the noisy environment, and excessive excitement or even running behaviors may cause accidents.

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