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  1. For most dogs, if there is no special case, take a shower once a month. In special circumstances, it means that the dog goes to the mud pits or takes a temporary bath when you get dirty. However, some dog breeds need to pay special attention. Some dogs with excessive fats such as Baggi Hunter can take a bath two or three times a month. The hair is relatively long or thick. Dogs with waterproof functions such as Alaska, Satsuma, Berne Mountains, and Golden Retriever need to reduce the frequency of bathing, and usually use comb to combine hair.

    The is very important for these dogs' hairs, which can heat up and prevent the cold and waterproof, and effectively resist the damage of the skin on the skin. Bathing will destroy these functions to a certain extent, so dogs If the dog is too frequent, it may cause skin diseases and other problems. This is very important. The shoveling officer must pay attention.

    How to cultivate dogs' acceptance of bathing?
    It dogs like to play with water but do not like to take a bath. Each time they take two or three people, they can't hold it and flee crazy. This involves the acceptance of the dog's acceptance of bathing, and the shoveling officer needs to take the initiative to cultivate and improve. Theoretically, all the shovel officers need to do to let the dog form a thinking, that is, the thoughts of taking a bath can be associated with beautiful things, so that the dog will not resist or even like to take a bath.

    The theory is simple, but it is a relatively long process to implement. The specific method is to bring the dogs into the pots, ponds or bathtubs to take a bath before taking a bath. The snacks you eat, the toys you like to play, the stroke of the owner, oral praise, etc. to attract the dog. When you take a bath, you must praise them in a flat and gentle tone to let them build a reflection slowly: bathing is not terrible, and there are even many even many even many. award.

    What preparations do you need to do before taking a bath?
    Bet before bathing the dog, prepare the bathing utensils, including a container for bathing, bathtub, etc., and dogs used for bathing, dogs dedicated to bathing, non -slip pads, dry towels (priority with good water absorption performance), dogs Dogs like toys, comb, hair dryers, etc.

    What are the techniques of dogs during bathing?
    After everything is ready, you can bathe the dog. If you choose to bathe the dog in a smooth pool and bathtub, you need to put a anti -slip pad at the bottom, and you can handle it with a towel, because the bottom is too smooth to make the dog feel insecure and easy to be nervous.

    The dogs with long hair and hair. It is best to comb the long hair before taking a bath and separate the place where the knot is tied, because it is difficult to clean it in the place where the hair is knotted. It's not easy to unlock. When taking a bath, you need to control the water temperature. If the temperature, the person can feel hot and not hot. It is about forty degrees. Try the water temperature with your hand and then rinse the dog.

    In the dogs should be rinsed down from the neck when bathing, and the water flows directly into the dog's ears. The dogs of the ears should pay special attention to this. Carefully clean the face and head. If you are worried about your hands shaking, you can choose to stuff a cotton ball in the dog's ears to separate the water. The bath liquid just said, it is best to be dedicated to pets. In this case, it is not too worried that the bubbles are licked by the dog.

    The first thing after taking a shower is to wipe the dog with water and blow dry the hair. , To prevent the dog from catching a cold. Blowing hair is best to use pets or hair dryers for pets. If not, people can also use it, but pay attention to the temperature of the hair dryer, otherwise it will not be too hot, otherwise it will burn it if the skin of the dog is too close.

    This dogs are afraid of the sound of hair dryer and strong wind blowing on the body. This problem can only make dogs get used to it slowly. You can usually open the hair dryer to play with the dogs, and use snacks and meals and meals. Touch to reward dogs and let them eliminate their fear of hair dryer. After taking a shower, the shoveling officer must reward Wang Xingren well and make them feel happy. Master these techniques, you can take a bath at home without going to the pet shop.

  2. 给狗狗洗澡的正确顺序rn1、确认水温后再将它放进去:rnrn突然被放到过冷或过热的水里,会使狗狗受惊并会使它Fear of taking a bath. So before putting the dog in the water, try the water temperature with your hand to confirm the water temperature and then take a bath.

    2. Wash all parts of the body in the direction of the hair:

    ① Apply the bath liquid: Apply the bath liquid to the dog's whole body. When you wash your hair, use your left hand to lift your chin and fix your head.

    ② Washing dust: Massage the skin while rubbing, so that the dust surface surface.

    ③ Wash the eye: Gently rub the eyes around the eyes with your fingertips to avoid the shower fluid flowing into the eyes.

    ④ Wash the mouth: It is easy to stain food around the mouth. Use two hands to clamp your mouth and wash the dirty.

    ⑤ Wash the body: Press the skin with your fingers and rubbing the skin. Don't forget to clean the hair on the belly that is easily stained with urine.

    ⑥ Wash the hips: hips are also easy to dirty. Wash the root of the tail carefully.

    清 Foot: When cleaning your toes, you should hold your ankle firmly, and wash each detail.

    3, thoroughly rinse:

    In the bath, immediately rinse the whole body. This is also the most important step in the bathing process. If the bath liquid is residual on the body, it will cause inflammation of the skin, so be sure to ensure the thoroughness of washing. Teaching WeChat 7 0 3 0 8 1 4 5

    4, then carefully rinse after applying conditioner:

    , Especially for the long -haired dogs such as Yorkshire and the Shihthththay dogs, it is even more essential. It will be better to use the hair protection of the same brand as the bath liquid.

    5, quickly dry the water:

    This After bathing, there is a lot of water on the dog hair. Before wiping it with a towel, you must remove the water, so that the hair will be easier to dry. Especially when the temperature is low, the water should be quickly dry.

    6. Wipe the water with a towel:

    Plash after bathing, you should immediately dry the dog's body. After dried the moisture with a towel, the hair will dry faster. And it will also save time to dry the hair dryer. After twisting the water on your body, immediately dry your ears and faces, and then wrap your whole body with a towel. The hair of the long hair dog is easy to knot, so you ca n’t rub it hard. After wrap it with a towel, you should rub it slowly until there is no water dripping. Remember, this process must be fast, the faster the better.

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