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  1. As the pet owner of the dog, everyone is more concerned about the health of the dog. Although the dog is called a hairy child, he cannot speak and tell the owner when he is sick.
    Therefore, it is recommended to share the 9 signs of the dog's illness today. It is recommended to collect shovel officers to prepare from time to time!

    1. Don’t love activity
    When the dog is sick, the physical condition will be very poor. superior.

    2, spiritual sluggish
    Healthy dog ​​spirit will be very lively. The sick dog is the opposite. It shows that the condition is more serious.

    3, excessive body temperature
    The normal dog temperature is puppies 38 ~ 39 ° C, adult dogs 37.5 ~ 38.5 ° C. For accurate measurement, generals are used to measure dogs with anal thermometer meter. In the rectal temperature, excessive body temperature of the dog may often be diseases such as fever and canine plague.

    4. Poor appetite
    The dog's appetite is not good not love to move mental weakness, often the manifestation of illness, may be related to oral disease, gastroenteritis, and parasites in the body. Further inspection!

    5. Vomiting appears
    In the dog's normal diet, vomiting suddenly appears. It has nothing to do with food. Gastitis, small, early pancreatitis, early!

    6, dilute diarrhea
    The diarrhea is also a symptom of dogs' illness. It will be diluted or diluted for a few days in a row. It may be related to diseases such as dysentery, small, and canine coronary.

    7. Suddenly losing weight
    If the dog suddenly decreases in the short term, it is likely to have serious illnesses, such as severe parasites, gastrointestinal or liver, pancreas, etc. The problem is related.

    8. Eye shit increases
    Dogs of eye feces suddenly increase, tears are severe, it is likely to be the symptoms of canine plague, and the symptoms of dog runny nose and increased body temperature will occur in the later stage.

    9. Poor breathing
    This Dog's breathing is also one of the signs of illness. Dog heart width, respiratory tract infection, cardiopulmonary function problem smooth!

    . What should I do if the dog is sick?
    1. If you find that the dog's mental state is very poor, you need to send it to the hospital immediately for accurate examination and treatment.
    2. In terms of gastrointestinal problems, pet probiotics can be used to improve. Dogs vomiting and diarrhea, indigestion, and gonitis are effective. If it is severe diarrhea, you can choose to feed the Mongolian stone scattered strong diarrhea, which can destroy all harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria in the intestine, but you need to pay attention to the feeding of the doctor.

    3, usually pay attention to dogs to exercise regularly, exercise the dog's body, and enhance the dog's own disease resistance. Pay attention to choosing good dog food to feed on your diet. You can feed some fruits and fruits and meat supplementary foods to ensure a comprehensive nutritional balance.
    Is when choosing dog food and not to choose cheap goods. Commodity grains are often endorsement words with low nutrition, chemical additives, and attracting agents. You should choose natural dog food to feed dogs healthier!

  2. In order to maintain the health of the dog, the dog breeders need to have basic knowledge of dog breeding and know what kind of dogs are healthy dogs. Healthy dogs respond to the changes in the surrounding environment, good spirit, love activities, no surprise or abnormal behavior, easy to tame, cooperate with people, have good appetite, but drink more water. The healthy body should be a natural balanced curve when standing, the limbs stand upright, and there is no deformed. The front chest is wide, the abdomen is contracted, and the muscles on the body (especially the hip and back muscles) are solid and powerful. The nose is slightly cold, and the mouth, nose, eyes, anus, penile sheath mouth or vulva is not secretion, and the hair around the perineum is clean. There are no ulcers and secretions in the lips, oral and tongue mucosa. The teeth are strong, white, toothless or gum ulcers, and the eye sclera has no yellow stain. The joints of the limbs are free, without swelling and tenderness. Animals do not scratch, do not bite the body, head, neck or limbs. The skin is elastic closely. At the same time, pay more attention to observing the daily life of the dog, discover abnormalities, and ask the veterinarian diagnosis and treatment in time. —— The following points must be noticed frequently: 1. Septic dogs are not interested in food or good foods that they like daily, and the amount of food is reduced or completely refused to eat. This is abnormal. 2. Vomiting dogs, like cats, are more likely to vomit meat. It is not appropriate to eat a little, and vomiting may occur. This is not necessarily sick. If persistent vomiting occurs, you should pay attention. 3. Diarrhea diarrhea is a manifestation of illness, especially the diarrhea in one after another, measures should be taken. In particular, dogs who have not injected canine plague vaccines should be invited to diagnose and treat veterinary medicine as soon as possible. 4. Sneezing or tears, sneezing or crying is the main manifestation of a cold or a popular cold. If you can seek medical treatment in time, the general effect is good. 5. The nose is damp and humid. The nose of the dog is dark and humid. Wet excessive running nose water may be a cold; if the nose is dry and rough, it is the manifestation of fever. 6. Drinking water barrier Dogs often take the initiative to drink water to drink water. However, the water that can not drink or enter the mouth is dripping again. The eighth nine of these ten is the diseased of the throat, such as pharyngitis. Dogs with rabies have thirsty mouths. Due to the paralysis of pharynx, they cannot drink water, and sometimes seeing water can cause madness. 7. Shaking your head and grabbing your ears are the unique symptoms of ear disease. If the ears are dirty and smelly, there may be parasites. There may be dandruff on the tip of the ear. 8. The saliva cavity (such as oral inflammation, lobelitis, oral mucosal ulcers, and dental diseases, etc. The saliva is the symptoms of livestock, and it can also smell bad breath. Rabie of the excitement of rabies was full of saliva. 9. Frequent urination or dung dogs frequently make a drowning movement, but they cannot row to urinate, or they only see trace dung urine. The frequent urinary dog ​​may be a problem with the bladder or urethra, and the frequent person may be that the intestinal tract is problematic. You should take the dog to the veterinary hospital for medical treatment in time. 10. Scratching the skin If the dog shows uneasiness, frequently scratches his skin and quilts, indicating that the dog has flea, lice parasites, or infected with ringworm, fungal skin diseases, eczema or pseudo -rabies. At this time, the dog is thin and thin, and there may be bald spots. 11. The more the color of the tooth bed and the tongue, the healthier, the healthier, the white is anemia, or it may also be a parasitic or blood in the intestine (small virus or hookworm disease). 12. Most health dogs run and jump, playing with other dogs. If you sleep alone, you are mostly healthy. —— In short, when the dogs appear above the above -mentioned performance or other abnormal conditions, if they still do not improve after a long time, they should go to the veterinary hospital for treatment in time. Do not hesitate to delay time.

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