Urgent asking Urumqi Dog City Address

Urgent the address of the dog market in Urumqi, the more the more the address, the better, especially the dog market mainly based on large dog transactions, thank you !!!
I I first arrived in Urumqi, please make the road name clearly A little, find a little bit, thank you

5 thoughts on “Urgent asking Urumqi Dog City Address”

  1. Sit 1, or 701, or 913. or 43 vehicles to Meiju logistics circle
    or 109 to the terminal, Hua Ling Market.
    Weekens have a lot of retail investors selling big dogs. The price is cheap Some, but there are shops selling big dogs in the market. Meiju also has several big dogs.
    It if you want to buy big dogs, I still recommend going to Hua Ling. It is best to go on weekends.

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