How do you usually add meat for your pet dog? Does the vegetable market buy raw pork back to cook?

1 thought on “How do you usually add meat for your pet dog? Does the vegetable market buy raw pork back to cook?”

  1. Hello, it is not just eating meat for dogs, but adding some meat to the feed that often eats, such as pork, mutton, beef, chicken and other meats. You can also add some internal organs and vegetables Essence It is not that the meat must be good, but to adjust what kind of meat is used to supplement the meat according to the cost. In general, the dog eats without adding any seasonings. You only need to cook the meat with water, wait for the food to reduce the temperature, and you can feed the dog with some feeds.
    In fact, there are some people who raise dogs to feed the dogs, that is, the meat is not cooked without any cooking, and after cleaning, it is directly eaten by the dog. It is strange to feed dogs to eat raw meat, and there are some goodness and certain disadvantages, but in an all -round way, you can feed the dogs to eat raw meat, but you need to ensure fresh raw meat as much as possible, and do not feed for a long time. The ancestors of the dog are mainly raw food. Although the generation is frustrated than the first generation, it is still possible to eat a small amount of raw meat.
    of course, if you add pork for the dog, you can buy some meat in the vegetable market and cook it with water, and then pair it with a small amount of broccoli or carrots and other vegetables, mix a small amount of dog food with the soup to feed the dog. Remember, don't give too many meat at one time, for fear of feeding the dog, it will also make the dog have a very heavy experience. Generally, when the dog is supplemented by the dog, the proportion of meat accounts for five or six achievements. If the dog is weaker, simmer the old hen directly to divide the pure meat supplies several times.

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