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  1. 1. Bear Bargers: Little dogs, also known as Barbille, were later reduced to the clown of the circus in the Middle Ages.

    2. The Eskimo Dog: "Nuk in the North" has this cute dog.不仅很耐寒还很耐热,是一种深情的伴侣犬,有它的陪伴你会感觉到很温馨.rn rn 3、大白熊幼犬:成长迅速,别看这么小, It can grow huge at once.

    4. Big white bear: Mild and clever. It is strange that although he is a large dog, he is even more arrogant than a small dog. rn rn 5、松狮:别以为那融融的熊人毛会是很好抱的,它们通常都会令你失望因为它们不太喜欢给人逗着玩的rn
    6. Husky Dog: The typical character of the Husky dog ​​is friendly, gentle, alert, and likes to communicate. It will not show the strong territorial possessiveness of the guard dog, it will not have too much doubt about strangers, nor will it attack other dogs.

    7. Border Shepherd: This is the world's first smart dog. IQ is equivalent to a 8 -year -old child. Basically, you can learn the smart dogs that you can learn by five instructions. The border shepherd is very friendly to friends and obviously retains strangers, friendly with children. He is also an excellent shepherd, and he is willing to learn and satisfy it. And thrive in human friendship. It is suitable for living outdoors, and a lot of exercise is required. The border shepherd is not just the best pet dog and partner dog in life, but also a good home -to -home cadre dog in the family.

    8. Samoyed: I don't know why so many people have Xiao Sa. I think the little Sa is not suitable for home care. He just likes free sports dogs.

    9. Pomeranian: Pomeranian has gorgeous quilts. Not only does it need to be trimmed regularly, but it must be sorted out every day, which is not suitable for busy people. But as a small dog, Bomei is still a good family partner.

    10. Japanese silver fox: Japanese silver fox is very strange, very kind to children, but full of vigilance to adults, and they are also less friendly to other animals. This dog looks like Bomei and is similar to the fox's face. It is a German hybrid dog produced in Japan.

    11. St. Bernard dog: Originant Denmark, also has a long history in Switzerland. San Bernard is a large dog, with a very docile personality and easy to get close. It is loyal to the owner and likes to be with children. It is suitable for being accompanied by children. It is very tolerant of children. It is easy to train, good at life -saving, and can adapt to the cold climate.

    12. Sali Chinese dog: It is currently a relatively rare variety. I used to be a dog. Therefore, Saipi's personality is very active, and he will have the temperament of the king. Haha.

    13. Shiba Inu in Japan: Very lens. Shiba Inu has a high popularity in Japan and is a small dog. Personality is gentle and obedient, even dogs that girls like them.

    14. Butterfly dog ​​puppies: butterfly dogs are very easy to get close, smart, happy, vigilant, friendly. The physical fitness looks stronger and likes outdoor sports. He is very exclusive to the owner and will be jealous of the third party.

    15. Su Mu: Su Mu is extremely wise, excellent, approachable, clever and sensitive, responds to a mild obedience, friendly, friendly, willing to please the owner, suitable for careful children. Cheerful and lively personality and strong feelings. Without proper social experience, it may be shy or nervous.

    16. US card: Very moving, I need to give him active time often. Moreover, the cats on the ears are easy to knot like scalding, and they need to take care of them frequently.

    17. Mini Sherry: It is Germany again. Typical mini Sherry should be clever, lively, obedient, pilot, brave, obey commands. It is very friendly, smart, happy to please the director, strong, energetic, and credible.

    18. The Malzis dog: Malzis dog, a dog with a very docile character. Short -mouth VIPs (Teddy) are hybridized by Malzis dogs and poodles. You can rest assured to let it play with children. Usually healthy, until the late life is still angry. It can obey to make you dare not believe that he is a dog. The global richest dog with a $ 10 million is the Tymarzis dog. I imagine how much he likes. The ancient Romans also put it in their sleeves and took it out. It shares the same car and the same bed with the owner, and the amount of food is small. It is really a pleasant pet.

    19. Shi Shi Dog: The Shi Shi dog and the Malta dog are very similar, but the hair in the middle of the forehead of the Shihthe dog is white and the tail is also white. Xi Shi dog likes to associate with others, has strong attachment and tolerance, confident, clever, loves children and animals, has a long life span, and can live for about 15 years.

    20, ancient shepherd: Gu Mu's character is gentle and smart, bold and sensitive and friendly. When he grows up, he doesn't like running around, but it is naughty when he was young. Loyal and friendly to people. Excellent qualifications of leadership.

    21, King Charles: Also known as King Charlie. This dog is very legendary and has the name of a king. His personality is easy -going, lively and active, performs subtle for love, fun and fun, will not attack people, like a happy little angel.

    2, Rowa Dog: The attitude towards environmental changes is confident and calm. He has the nature of defending his homeland and family. He is a very smart dog. He is strong, adaptable, and very happy to work, making him a good partner dog, guardian dog and multi -purpose dog breed.

    3, Chihuahua: Scottish stalk: friendly and gentle, but also aggressive to other dogs. Sometimes it is quite horizontal and strong, so I have won the elegance of "stubborn molecular".

    24. Bull head stalk: It seems to be docile to see him. In fact, it can bite a German shepherd in three minutes.

    25. White stalks of West Highland: puppies and short -mouth puppies puppies are very similar to bear puppies and basically cannot distinguish. But they have very obvious personality differences. Unlike VIPs, they don't want to have affinity than bear. Xigao has always been a very narcissistic and proud dog.

    26, Kelly Blue Sircorion: Not Sherry. His fur is blue. It is better to fight because it was used to be a dog fighting dog, and his personality was stubborn. But it is a good household dog.

    7. German Shepherd: German Shepherd, Black Shell is it. He is often called a wolf dog. In fact, the scope of wolf dogs is very large.

    8. Kunming dog: In fact, the wolf dog we usually say is Kunming dog. Suitable for police dogs.

    9. Bullfighting dog: Beauty and beast. The previous bullfighting dog was to provoke the cow, but it was quickly banned, but the bullfighting dog was still loved.

    30. Bull mastiff: one of the most popular guards in the world. Its power, speed, and perseverance are excellent, so that it can catch up and catch the invaders without biting or killing them.

    31, Tibetan mastiff: Tibetan mastiff, everyone knows that it is fierce and very fierce. But he can protect young children, even babies. Unlike the shepherd dogs may eat it. But this large dog taste is very heavy.

    32. Tea cup VIP: the legendary TeaCup, super small.

    33. Standard VIP: Standard VIP, this elegant dog was originally an Orz that was used as a hunting dog ... but the obedience of the VIPs had to make me admire "to take off the rabbit, quiet and if you are quiet, quiet "!!

    34, spot dog: spotted dog, also known as Damaicho. When I was young, I would be very cute, and when I grew up, it would become huge. It is an angry dog ​​to take him out for a walk every day, because he is a dog who likes communication.

    35. Big dog: Due to the smaller body, it is easy to tame and arrest, there is movement like wind and static. The action is pity, lively, and fast, and it is very emotional and understandable for the owner. However, because the Big dog likes to bark and noisy when he is in groups, it is best to raise a order for family breeding.

    36, Labrador puppies: loyal, calm, clever, and reassuring with children, always self -sufficiency, be enthusiastic about the invaders, suitable for suburban life.

    37. Originally, it was a porter, and now it is red. The Labrador Hound has a good sense of smell. It was used to find mines during World War II. Now it is used as a police dog to find illegal drugs.

    38. Golden Retriever retrieves dogs: Golden Retriever retrieved dogs, produced in Russia. Originally used in the circus (it was really smart).

    39. Corgi Dog: It is very suitable for being a partner in any way. Although the legs are short, it runs quickly and IQ is not doubtful. But you can't force him to accept things he doesn't want to accept. It is stubborn and stubborn.

    40, British card: Alaska sled dog: Many movies about polarity have his wonderful appearance. Slesles that can survive in a very harshized state.

    41, Newfoundland dog: native to Canada. He is dark and big, but in fact he is very gentle, likes to play with children, and he is a swimming master.

    42, Jingba: It is said that the personality is very stubborn.

    43. American Akita Dog: It is a symbol of the nation. Its origin dates back to the Japanese Akita dog. It is one of the most popular dog species in the world.

    44. Teddy: Born "dogs", no need to teach.

  2. The breeds of dogs are: Corgi, Golden Retriever, Chinese Rural Dog, Chow Chow.
    The court lion dogs, Shih Shi, Bagu dogs, Chinese Kunming dogs, Tibetan mastiff dogs, Chinese Shami dogs, Tibetan hunting dogs, Chinese fine dogs, Chihuahua dogs.
    P. Bomei, Yorkshire, Malzis, poodle, Payle, Bargain, British bullfighting dog, French bullfighting dog, Husky dog, Samoyed dog, Shiba Inu, border shepherd, etc.
    1, Samoyed, one of the most popular pet dogs on the earth, one of the top ten famous dogs in the world. Police, powerful, very lively, noble and elegant.
    Husky, Husky is also the first choice for pet dog species for most pets. It is a very primitive ancient dog breed and one of the top ten famous dogs in the world.
    Afug -in -hunting dogs. Scottish Shepherd, Scottish Shepherd is an ideal partner dog that is widely popular.
    It the answer to help you, other questions want to consult the pet doctor, click the avatar below, and conduct free 1 to 1 consultation.

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