3 thoughts on “Want to raise a dog, ask if there are dogs who can be called, the IQ is relatively high?”

  1. There are no dogs that are not called, only relatively quiet: first, golden retriever, docile personality, very quiet after adulthood. Second, border herd, IQ first, relatively quieter dogs.

  2. In fact, the dog loves to be depends on the self -raising personality and the education of the master.
    ★ The top ten IQ: 1. Border Shepherd 2, Putch Dog 3, German Shepherd 4, Golden Mao Hunting Dog 5, Doberman 6, Xithi 7, Labrador Hound 8, Butterfly Dog 9, Luo Willa 10. Australian herdspace
    ★ The least loves to call: big white bears, Roberten, butterfly dog, Jacheti, Berne Mountain, Tibetan mastiff, Afghanistan, Pasari, Sherry, Bear bears

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