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  1. Generally within a hundred, depending on how you treat it, there are more medicines, depending on how you choose.
    The skin problems of dogs are mostly caused by fungi, mites or bacterial infections. A certain degree of fungi and mites infection cause problems such as hair removal, dandruff, dermatitis, pimples, rash, ulceration and other problems. However, mites infections are more itchy than fungal infections. Both fungal infections are generally mainly dandruff and local hair removal, but some dogs also have mixed infections. The specific cause can only be diagnosed with skin scraping mirror examination or fungal culture. It is recommended that you use external use for treatment, which has a treatment effect on skin problems caused by mites and fungi. At the same time, it is best to drive a worm in vitro. If there are in vitro parasites, it will also cause dog skin problems.

  2. If you go to the pet shop for 1,000 yuan, there are not many dollars. Before I picked up four kittens with ringworm, it was only two months old. I took a one to the hospital for more than 700. Buy Taobao, it is all worth more than 150 yuan, so if you do n’t have to go to the pet hospital, the current pet hospital is too dark!
    I told this method:
    In every day with Petefen spray, spray it (greater than 5 times)
    Pitfen oral pills to eat according to measurement,
    This also opened me a one for me The name of the imported ointment is not remembered, it is cure, you may not be used.
    This bath liquid (the one with a tingling medicine bath) was washed once every three days,
    It, you go to Taobao to find, the price is almost the same.
    The conditioner for the use of human use, rinse, can start to see it in a week. Don't worry.
    think about how I survived it at the beginning. Essence Essence Four kittens with severe ringworm. Now every lively and healthy.

  3. First of all, you have to determine what skin diseases do the dog get, and then you can buy medicine and go home to treat it yourself. This will save a lot of unnecessary expenses. The body hair of the dog's affected area must be shaved, and it must be treated with medicine every day. Besides, skin diseases are not good for 1-2 days. There is no need to treat it at the hospital. It can be treated at home.

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