3 thoughts on “Why are some dogs bare?”

  1. 毛 This is actually divided into two cases of dog hair removal.
    is normal, because dogs need to be removed in spring, and not only the dogs are easy to remove hair, but other animals will have this phenomenon in spring.
    Because of the wintering of winter to the spring, the fur on the body requires metabolism, so hair removal is to better and more shiny fur.
    only with more shiny and elastic fur is the healthiest dog.
    If this is the hair removal, then the adoptive does not need to worry about anything. It only needs to help them clean up every time, and the bath is smooth. Fur, the hair becomes more softer.
    but another bad situation is that the dog is sick, so you have experienced a lot of hair removal. Then at this time, you should take the dog to immediately go to the pet hospital for treatment and listen to the opinion of a pet doctor.
    This Dog's hair removal is mostly skin diseases. It is said that there will be parasites. Cleaning the family is the safest to disinfect.

  2. I have raised a dog before, called Black Flowers. The reason why it called it was because it was black and white, like a flower, so it was black. Later, when I didn't know the reason, the whole body fell less and less, and I didn't understand, but I found that there was a small convex thing on it, so I went to see the doctor.
    The doctor said that it was caused by moss in the body. It is a disease that can be passed between dogs. Moreover, general dogs do not know how to overcome it. They often like to rot the skin. Mao is naturally gone. Every time I look at the skin of our black flowers, I want to stop it, but the cure is not cured.
    In I heard a folk remedy. Easuring gasoline for dogs can effectively relieve the disease. I went to try it. As a result, it was still effective. Within a few days, it jumped again and again. Although it had been unwilling to cooperate with me before, I had to apply gasoline for it later, and it would lie down at my feet obediently, very quiet and enjoyable.

  3. Dogs are caused by large -scale hair loss, mainly caused by skin diseases. I remember a few years ago I encountered a stray dog, a small skewers. In addition to a little hair on the head, it was completely bald in other places. The situation is because the long -term wandering infected with fungi (that is, commonly known as the growing skin, and rest assured not infected with people.) When the resistance suddenly declined, the condition became severe and no treatment was obtained, so the situation has been deteriorated. Essence
    I I found this dog and took it to the animal hospital. The doctor gave Yifanguin and explained that every seven days had to be injected again (this kind of needle medicine was very effective, so be sure to quantitative regularly and quantitatively quantitatively quantitatively Use, oral dosage type, not expensive, but be sure to use it according to the instructions.), In addition to the injection, I will feed it to the place where it wanders every day, and help it apply it to it every two days. There are only a few yuan for a drug store.) After a few days of treatment, the little guy started to improve. Later, after a few weeks, it grew beautiful hair on it. Later, I lived nearby nearby. A girl adopted it, and I once saw the girl walking on the road. I didn't know how comfortable it was and how happy it was.

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