Why does the dog lose hair?

The dog is now one year old and two months old. How do dogs fall a lot of hair this summer? Swipe a lot of hair on your body with your hands, or can you drop a lot? What is this phenomenon? Solve! Intersection

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  1. The hair loss is divided into seasonal natural hair loss and pathological hair loss. Seasonal hair loss We only need to take care of it in time. This is the natural physiological reaction of the dog. You do n’t need to worry too much. In terms of:
    1. Whether the feeding is too salty, too salty food can cause hair removal. Such hair removal is to grab it with a hand. The hidden danger is that the dog's kidney failure will cause the dog's kidney failure.
    2, whether it is allergic to the skin, exposed to some allergic things and materials, such as just moved, newly renovated, rolled over the grass that sprayed the medicine, etc. The skin will be accompanied by abnormalities such as red dots. Isolation allergies are critical.
    3, whether there are parasites, bacteria, fungi, mites in the body, these infections can cause hair removal, and dogs are often accompanied by skin itching and emotional uneasiness. If this type should go to the hospital for skin examination, determine the source of the disease and cooperate with treatment. The cure of mites is very long.
    The cause and treatment method of dog hair loss:
    seasonal hair loss, ordinary pet dogs will have a hair removal period. At this time Therefore, we must help the dogs in the hair removal period, so that the dogs can clean the hair removal period clean and tidy.
    1. Regularly combing the dogs for dogs can make the old dandruff and dead hair that are accumulated, and it can also help dogs to distribute natural oils that secrete the skin on average. The problem of dandruff can be solved naturally.
    2. The hair loss is often accompanied by the increase in dandruff. One reason for the increase in dandruff may be that the amount of oil in the food cannot meet the needs of the body, so it is a good idea to add an appropriate amount of pet oil oil to food. Help the skin to restore normal metabolic functions. As long as you add half a spoon or a tea spoon to fish oil every day, you can clearly see the improvement effect.
    3, take a bath frequently, help the dog take a bath, you can remove the old dandruff accumulated on the skin. Do n’t take a shower too positive. Basically, wash every two weeks in summer, wash every month in winter every month It's almost the same. Be careful. Too frequent bathing may destroy the oily protective layer on the dog's hair.
    4. If there is a skin inflammation, it will be effective to use the spray of skin pathogenic fungal infections. Note that severe skin infections must go to the pet hospital for diagnosis and take medicine under the guidance of the doctor.
    Dog dog diet precautions:

    The demand for dogs is different from humans. Dogs cannot eat foods with large salt content, which will cause pancreas and adrenal glands. The problem is also easy to cause endocrine disorders. Too much salt can cause hair loss, and too much salt can also cause the dog's internal organs to increase. The owner must pay attention to the dog's diet. You cannot feed more salt, large oil, more additives, people eat food, eat too much meat, etc., try to feed natural dog food with low salt and low oil ingredients on weekdays.

  2. Causes of dog hair loss
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  3. There may be many reasons for dog hair loss, there are three reasons. In the first quarter, the dog itself will reflect the hair removal of the dog itself when the spring and summer change seasons, which can make themselves cool. The second skin disease caused by the infection of some germs, which causes itching of the dog itself. It constantly bite and scratch the affected area, resulting in hair removal. The third food salt is caused by high hair removal. The dog's food generally does not have too high salt. It will not cause abnormal renal function and cause hair removal.

  4. That's the change of dogs. This is the result of the long -term evolution of animals to maintain body temperature.
    In winter, in order to resist the cold, the animals will grow slender fluff on their bodies. In the summer, the temperature rises to rise. This pill no longer needs, so it is about to lose hair.

  5. Seasonal hair changing twice a year, spring, summer and autumn and winter, do not shave the dog easily, unless it is skin disease, the dog's immune will have a low hairy hair. Although the umbrella for the outside world is hot, it cannot solve the dog. The problem of dog heat dissipation
    because they only have foot pads and tongue heat dissipation

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