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  1. To answer this question, let's first understand: What is "week dog"?

    "Week Dog" means that you must be sick within a week when you buy it home. Generally, you can only survive a dog for about a week. Such puppies have been injected with antibiotics, hormones or serum by sellers, showing pseudo -health, and they are prone to diseases such as dog plague and small diseases after buying home.
    What will you buy a "week dog"?
    The flower and bird market. There are several different dogs of a wire cage. Most of these dogs come from wholesale. Epidemic prevention and deworming are unknown. The weaning is earlier and the resistance is weak. Street vendors. In some cities, at the intersection of a large traffic, there are often people with a cage with a few puppies in it. Such dogs may be a weekly dog. Cheap dogs bought online. Due to the might be deceived or long -distance transportation, dogs are susceptible to illness. At present, dogs on the market range from 2-4 months, most of which are about 2 months. Dogs at this age are separated from the protection of mother source antibodies and did not accept passive immunity. It belongs to the empty window period against the virus, which is easily infected with various viruses and pathogenic bacteria. When buying dogs during this time, the dog has experienced a stress reaction from a familiar environment to an unfamiliar environment. Coupled with some pet reproductive costs and breeding density problems, most of them may occur problems such as malnutrition and poor resistance. High feeding density is also easy to spread a lot of diseases, and there is a latent period. If the dog itself carry the virus, during the incubation period, it goes through a stress response, or directly and indirectly contact the virus. The decreased resistance will cause a large amount of reproduction of the virus and cause clinical symptoms of acute infections. Common viruses include canine plague, small viruses, coronary viruses, adenovirus, and sub -influenza virus. The incubation period of the same animal is about 3-6 days. Small virus enteritis type naturally infection is about 7-14 days. Coronatte virus is generally ranging from 1-8 days. The adenovirus is naturally infected for an incubation period of about 6-9 days.
    First of all, when buying a dog, choose a professional dog or a dog who naturally matches the dog in the family. Secondly, observe whether the dog's mental state is good, and whether there are abnormal secretions in the eyes, nasal cavity, oral cavity, anus, reproductive port. Finally, bring back a new environment to avoid stress. Do not suddenly change the food, do not feed random, do not take a bath, at least 10-15 days to ensure that the mental appetite is good, and the vaccine can be taken to the animal hospital.
    If the dog has many clinical symptoms after purchasing, you need to distinguish whether the dog is caused by physical discomfort caused by the stress reaction, or the virus or other pathogenic infections. If clinical symptoms occur, they need to be brought to a professional animal hospital for related virus testing and other related examinations to determine the cause.

  2. On the week, dogs are many unscrupulous merchants injected medicines for diseased dogs to make it look healthy. After buying home, you will find that the dog dies in less than a week. It was extremely excited.

  3. Whether the dog is vitality and whether the bowel movements are normal. Because the dog is sick on the week, it usually has no vitality and the bowel movement is abnormal.

  4. Observe whether the dog is a weekly dog. Pay attention to observing whether the dog is more energetic and moving. If you lie on the ground often, you must urge them to stand up to see if the dog's eyes are dynamic or dull. Look at the dogs who are not close to people, look at the dog's nose, and can also judge the state of the dog, etc. These methods can be judged.

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