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  1. Read more related knowledge. Raising a dog is just like raising a child. You must have enough patience and love. It must hurt him and the correct training.
    For example, you must get used to wearing a rope to go out, which can prevent the dog from being hit by a car to the greatest extent, and it can also prevent it from hurting people. Give him the food he should eat, enough water, suitable exercise. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

  2. This question is actually not difficult to answer: love puppy, just not to hurt it; it is injured, you take care of it carefully; seeing others hurt the puppy, you should stop it in time.

  3. The education of dogs is important, such as biting people and screaming. These are all principles and determine the "obedient" or "disobedience" of a dog. Don't be pitiful on these issues. If you should fight, you should fight. He also educate him a few times. He also develops habits and will not do "bad things". But don't be too cruel, after all, animals also feel emotional. Smart praise, including touching, playing, etc., will also have a great impact on a dog's heart.

  4. Pay attention to food nutrition, bring outdoor sports every day, and always caress. Personally expressed his love for him is more important than material, and the dog's mood is highly immunity.

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