2 thoughts on “How can Shijiazhuang collect a bit dog?”

  1. Shijiazhuang's more formal pet market is the flower, bird, fish and insect market, located at the intersection of Huai'an Road and Fugu Street. The southwest corner is a red building.
    The first floor, second and first floor are mainly places involving pets. However, Bitter is a large offensive dog. In the end, the pet market cannot collect such attack -type large dogs, and further consultation is needed.
    If you want to buy the other party at a high price, you need to inspect multiple places. It is recommended to first examine the pet acquisition venues in the suburbs or counties to see if you can buy a high price.
    If the hope that the buyer will give meticulous care to the special dog, that is, it is entrusted to the new owner, and you also need to find some rich people. These people are rich and have good economic conditions, and they are willing to create a good atmosphere for pets.
    It hope to answer is useful, look forward to giving and praise, thank you!

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