1 thought on “What kind of dogs are particularly thin tails particularly thin?”

  1. Dog name: skewers or directly called skewers, ordinary dogs.
    Dogs: Pictures are just several generations, and they cannot be traced on the blood.
    The size of dogs: The picture will grow up a lot, belongs to small and medium dogs.
    The price of dogs: Generally, this type of dog is adopted by many free adoption. At present, most of the stray dogs in the city are such dogs. There are also some dog owners half-sale and half-delivery, with the price of 0-200 yuan.
    This dogs are a lively, clever, healthy, machine police, loyal dog species. They have high IQ and have their own unique personality. The simplest care is sufficient, because the genetic differences are relatively large, and generally the string has strong disease resistance. This kind of dog is good, not much to eat, and not picky eaters. Health and less ill.

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