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  1. The common pet dogs are the following,
    Sessh dogs, big white bear dogs, San Bernard dogs, golden retriever recovered dogs, Pharaoh hunting dogs, bullfighting stalks, Alaska sled dogs, Malzis dogs, Langpogg dogs , West Highland White Stalk, Belgian Shepherd, Rolling Bobbing Dog, Blood Hounds, Newfoundland Dogs, Beijing Dogs, Rabbit Dogs, Irish Wolf Hunter, Malzis Dog Burns, Yorksham, and Shih Shi Dog , Putch, Pomeranian, Husky, Tibetan Mastiff, Putch Dog, Chow Chow, Border Pedee Dog, Chihua Doll German Shepherd, Akita Dog, Butterfly Dog, Permes, Shiba Inu, Dan Dog, Casro, France, France, France, France, France Bullfighting dogs, Rowella dogs, British bull dog Samoyed dogs, Afghan hunting dogs, sausage dogs, Bayu dogs, Needic Shepherd, Bordeaux, mini Dubin, Chinese crown dogs, Belington stalks, Kelle dogs , Jack Russell, Havana, Scottish Sirdos, Rabrador Retrimable Dogs, Dami Town Dogs, American Eskimo Dogs, Soviet -Russian Wolf Hunter Dogs, Universal Sirdles, Boeing Da, Gang Mao Hunting Fox Standard, Portuguese Aquarius, Polley Dogs, York Ship, Lhasa dog, Chinese Sali dog, Cardigan Wales Corgi, Boston stalk, Big Hound, British Coco dog, ancient British shepherd, small Schuro dog, Santa Bernard dog, San Bernard, Saipin Chinese dogs, US cards, mini Sherry and so on.

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