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  1. 常见的宠物狗有约克夏犬、西施犬、贵宾犬、博美犬、 哈士奇、藏獒、贵宾犬、松狮、边境牧羊犬、吉娃娃德国牧羊犬、秋田犬、蝴蝶犬、博美犬、杜宾犬、 Shiba Inu, Dan Dog, Casro, French Bullfighting, Rowalner Dog, British Bull Fighting Dog Samoyed Dog, Afghan Hound, Salum Dog, Bagu, Shi Shi Dog, St. Bernard Dog, Golden Retriever Xunxun Return to Dog, Pharaoh Hound, Bull Fighting Sympae, Alaska Sled Dog, Malzis Dog, Lampoig Dog, West Highland White Stalk, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Rolling Bobbing Dog, Finding Blood Hound, Newfoundland Dog Rabbit dogs, Irish wolf hunter, Berne Mountain dogs, Sheleti shepherd, Bordeaux, mini Dubin, Chinese Guanmao dog, Belington stalk, Keli dogs, Jack Russell, Havana, Scottish stalks, pull, pull Brado retrieved dogs, barley -choch dogs, American Eskimo dogs, Soviet -Russian wolf hunting dogs, universal stalks, Boeing Da, Gangmao Hunting, Portuguese water dogs, Belicch stalks, Lhasa dogs, China Saabi Dogs, Cardigan Wales Corgi, Boston Sirdos, Big Hound, British Coco, Ancient British Shepherd, Small Snow Dog/ Poland Low Pastoral Dog, Cadic Gekiki Dog , Polly Dogs, Corgi Dogs, Ancient British Shepherd, Kanan Dog Berry, Franlet Animal Shepherd, Border Shepherd Dog, Belgian Tanibian Dog, Belgian Shepherd, Belgian Marlinos Dog , Keli Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, etc.

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