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  1. Dogs eat grass for self -stomach (this is eaten, some vomit, some do not vomit) The structure of the dog's belly is relatively special, its stomach is about two -thirds of the abdominal cavity; Only one -third of the abdominal cavity.

    Extended information:
    This (Latin Canis Lupus) belongs to spinal animal doors, vertebrates, mammals, real beasts, meat meal, cracked feet, dogs, dogs, animal. Chinese is also known as "dogs", and dogs are distributed around the world.
    This, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens and "six animals".

    Reference materials:
    Baidu encyclopedia dog

  2. 1. Some dogs will bite weeds and sediment, which is caused by insufficient vegetables. If a dog only eats animal protein such as meat, liver, fat, etc., the digestive ability of the stomach will deteriorate.
    This is an increase in the secretion of gastric acid and has a nausea, and even spit out yellow sticky foam. Not only that, but also constipation, as well as the mucous membrane of the gums and microvascular bleeding of the skin, and the vascular accumulation due to cholesterol accumulation can easily lead to cerebral hemorrhage.
    It also has a significant impact on the bones. In the tissue of the bone, due to calcium precipitation, the part will heat up, it hurts when it touches, and walks a while. The method is restored, and the reasons for checking are derived from the lack of vegetables.
    For the above reasons, when you feed vegetables and fruits for love dogs and are rejected, you should not be discouraged. You should more carefully mix celery and rape and coax it to eat.
    In addition, although carrots are rich in vitamin A and carotene, they are cooked after chopping and are easy to discharge with feces. It is best to squeeze the carrot and mix it in the food to feed them together to not lose. Fruits are rich in vitamin C, and are the most effective for dogs infected with high -thermal infectious diseases in infection.
    2. The ancestors of the dog would have some grass, such as eating animals in the wild, and some herbivore's internal organs were completely digested, and the dog would eat it at the same time, so the dog itself is also a kind of omnivorous food. animal.
    Extension information:
    Dog dietary habits:
    1. Dogs are carnivores. When feeding, it is necessary to prepare more animal protein in the feed to supplement vegetarian ingredients to ensure the normal dog's normal. Development and health.
    2. Dogs also eat vegetarian, and dogs sometimes eat grass, but they eat very little, and occasionally vomit. The dogs eat grass to fill their hunger, but to clear the stomach.
    3. This is also the habit left by biting prey in the original ecology. Give it some bones when feeding. (Remember: Do not use poultry bones, that may pierce the dog's stomach)
    4. Dogs get along with human beings in the process of domestication and acquire this habit. This is one of the important sources of food in the early period of human society in the period of lack of food in human society as food. Nutrition lacks a trace element or a pathological manifestation of parasitic disease.
    Reference materials:
    Dog dietary habits-Baidu 100 Keeke

  3. Dogs eat grass:
    1. Dogs are more likely to eat grass, and there are many parasites or infectious diseases. The dog eats the grass into the belly and wants to make the physical condition better. Therefore, when the physical condition is not good, the dog will continue to swallow the cloth strips and thin ropes. Dogs usually eat their hair and some foreign bodies into their bodies. After eating grass for a while, they will vomit or excrete the hair in the stomach. To help the dog remove the hair on the stomach, you can cook some beef or chicken with a thick vegetable, kelp, or thick fiber. After making mature food, mixing dog food for dogs can also achieve good results.
    2. Another main reason for dogs to eat grass is the lack of vitamins or trace elements in the body, and they will make up for some ways to eat grass. If you want to solve the problem of dogs fundamentally, you should use a better special nutrition product for dogs. There are many brands on the market now. You can give some dogs who eat some dogs. Specorantin minerals and trace elements.
    3, vomiting dogs after eating grass, mostly vomiting after eating grass, whether they want to vomit before eating grass, or to vomit because they eat grass. Mr. Chicken is generally a mystery. However, it seems that some dogs do go to grass when they are uncomfortable, so when dogs eat grass, it is also necessary to eat some probiotics to regulate the stomach and intestines.
    This Dog Dog Drinking Habits:

    1, carnivores

    Dogs are carnivores. When feeding, it is necessary to prepare more animal protein in the feed, supplemented by supplement To ensure the normal development and health of the dog.
    2, also eat vegetarian
    time dogs sometimes eat grass, but they eat very little, and occasionally spit it out. The dogs eat grass to fill their hunger, but to clear the stomach, mainly because the dog's gastrointestinal structure is unique. The dog's stomach is very large, accounting for about 2/3 of the abdominal cavity, but the intestines are short, accounting for about 1/3 of the abdominal cavity, so the dog basically uses the stomach to digest food and absorb nutrients. There are "muscles" like leaves and grass. Although dogs are carnivores, dogs can rely on foods such as vegetables and grains when they are difficult. The diet nutrition of typical wild carnivores comes from the contents of the herbivores captured by them.
    3, love bone
    The dog likes to bite the bones. This is also the habit left by biting prey in the original ecology. Give it some bones when feeding. Remember: Do not use poultry bones, that may pierce the dog's stomach.
    4, feces
    The dogs generally have different degrees of food with human and their own feces. Studies have shown that the habit of getting along with humans in the process of domestication in tens of thousands of years is learned. This is one of the important sources of food in the early period of human society. Insufficient food, lack of some trace elements or pathogenic manifestations of parasitic diseases. This behavior can also be reduced when adding trace elements.
    Reference information Source Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog (dog mammals)

  4. Golden hair dogs (details introduction)
    Sometimes taking the dog to the grass to walk, the rope can be stubborn there. In fact, the dog owner does not have to panic. Look at the following article you know why the dog eats grass. Of course, the grass that has been pesticide still does not need a dog to contact.

    . Dogs usually eat grass. Why? There are several reasons:
    1. Wild dogs such as wolves and foxes can hunt small animals. These small animals are usually It is a herbivorous animal, so when wild dogs eat these small animals, they also eat a lot of grass and plants in these animals.
    . Generally studying that dogs can eat certain types of berries and plants.

    3. Some dogs are plants that love grass or certain types of plants. Like Migru, they will find a little bit more than the owner. So why do dogs eat grass? In fact, this is some of them.
    . Vomiting after eating grass: Most of the dogs will vomit after eating grass. Whether they want to vomit before eating grass, or because they eat grass, they will vomit. It is still a mystery. However, it seems that some dogs do go to grass when they are uncomfortable.

    . This is the normal behavior of the dog:

    Generally speaking, eating grass is a basic and normal behavior of dogs, unless it ate too much grass, it has been too much grass, Otherwise, don't worry too much. Dogs are natural instincts. There are two main reasons: one is to cure the disease, because the dog's physique itself has the function of He Chengwei, so the dog does not need to involve vitamin C, but sometimes the dog's function will be invalid. Because of the loss of this function, it is impossible to make vitamin C by themselves, which will reduce their anti -virus's disappointment. Go to find the root of the plant with salicylic acid to eat, and salicylic acid is also the raw material for our manufacturing aspy. The second reason is delicious. Quality fruit food, especially low and sweet fruit

    The dogs in modern times to eat grass are not necessarily a healthy problem. Most of them are because dogs only eat instant noodles like instant noodles. Feed without nutritional value and indescribable
    It, in order to satisfy the appetite desire, they just swallow the cause as long as they have the taste: dogs explore the world with their noses and mouths. Cao exudes aroma, has a strong taste, and can be obtained everywhere. Why not taste it? In ancient times, dogs did not have the opportunity to enjoy carefully prepared food, and they must find their targets in the roots of weeds, plants, and stems.
    It dogs sometimes like some green foods, just like we occasionally dreaming of fragrant potato puree. Dogs are omnivorous animals, and eating grass is the nutritional needs of dogs. Although dog food has provided comprehensive nutrition, dogs still instinctively like to come to timely grass "salads". Some dogs who rarely eat grass will also chew the grass leaves when they feel uncomfortable. It seems that grass contains some kind of vomiting substance.
    The countermeasures: Keep the grass clean.
    The grass itself will not hurt the dog, but the dirt or chemicals in the grass is dangerous. If the green grass is extremely green, most of the chemicals are used, and the dog must be avoided. Some veterinarians believe that dogs who love grass need to increase the fiber content in food. It is recommended to feed some vegetables mixed with meat.

  5. There are two main reasons for dog eating grass. The first one is probably out of the stomach uncomfortable. If you want to vomit, you want to eat grass. This is the behavior of the animal. It is difficult to digest. Sometimes it ’s not only eating grass, but also soil and stones. I have seen the most exaggerated thing is to use my mouth to lick the ground with my mouth and my tongue. This situation hopes that the owner will stop it, pay more attention to its diet in the future, and don't let it eat things that are difficult to digest, such as hard bones, wood and other things.
    The second is the "alienity" of animals. Alcohol mainly includes eating grass, eating soil, eating your own stools, etc. There is no reason. It is the same reason to eat and play. It is the same as having a variety as humans. It is simply eating and playing. In this case, the owner must stop it. At the same time, pay attention to adjusting the diet and improved the behavior of different foods in the usual life. Do not feed the meat too much. This can reduce the burden on the dog's gastrointestinal and add health medicine to the food to promote digestion. You can also add some trace elements appropriately. To supplement the minerals needed for various body that are difficult to get in the usual diet.
    Stobic habit mainly derived from the trace elements of the dog's body. So what you want to eat to add. Eating some healthy grass foods can improve gastrointestinal function. However, the leaves and leaves are difficult to digest. When the dog is eaten by mistake, it will be difficult to stimulate gastrointestinal motility, enhance the burden of gastrointestinal digestion, cause dog digestion, and vomiting. At the same time, when the dog's body lacks trace elements, minerals, and vitamin C, the dog also eats grass. At this time, you can give the dog some MAG Jinwei him, developed for dogs, supplemented more than 40 vitamins and minerals.
    but dogs eating grass outside is a very bad and dangerous behavior, because there may be poisonous germs or even some grass in the grass, which will cause physical damage after eating.
    If you find that your dog has a behavior of eating grass, no matter what reason the above is, the first is to stop, and the second is to give it more fruits and vegetables.

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