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  1. Pet tree burial, pet burial, pet cremation, pet funeral, pet water burial and so on.
    The water burial is the older funeral method in the world, and the body of the deceased is about to cast in the burial method of rivers and lakes. Water is the source of human life. In many myths, water, god, happiness, beauty, and immortality are connected together. Therefore, when buried the dead relatives, people naturally associate with water burial. There are three different ways in the world: drifting corpse, riverside, and gray.

  2. What should I do if the pet dies?

    The beloved dog is a sad thing. If your dog dies in a veterinary hospital, there will be special procedures to deal with corpses. If the dog dies suddenly at home, you will need a few specific steps to make a few simple decisions to complete the entire process.

    1. Seeking help

    Losing the love dog is a very difficult moment for the owner. If possible, don't let yourself face all of this (although some people are more willing to bear it alone), call a good friend, or members at home to help you handle the dog's body with spiritual support at the same time with spiritual support Essence If you are in a very sad state at this time, you can't think of the problem, and find a friend you think you can help in time.

    2, contact veterinarian

    If it is a normal working time, you can ask the veterinarian by phone, what do you need to do next. Or some veterinarians can provide services for dogs, such as pet cremation fields or mobile veterinary services. In some cases, some pet hospitals can properly preserve the remains for one or two days, so that the owner has enough time to think about how to complete the next thing. If you need these service calls that specialize in handling dogs, you can ask through the veterinarian.

    3. The common sense that you need to know about the body of the dog

    Perhaps some people will feel that it is not good to talk about the dead dogs, but when you are still immersed in losing This is indeed the most imminent thing in the pain of the dog.

    If you plan to bury your dog's body, but you cannot implement it immediately, then you need to find a place to keep it properly. If you expect to find a special service agency to deal with the next thing, but things happen in the middle of the night or holiday, they cannot immediately take away the body, and you also need to find a place to keep it properly.

    It if you have an urgent need, you can find a 24 -hour service phone. You should be very clear to realize that the body of the pet must be processed as soon as possible.

    The cruel facts are that the animal's body immediately starts to decompose after death, and it will soon start to emit stench and attract insects. The higher the temperature, the faster the decomposition rate. Note that the corpse will start 10 minutes-3 hours after the dog's death. The earliest occurrence of joints is rigid, and the entire corpse rigid process will last 72 hours. In addition, temperature is an important factor affecting the entire process. The ideal state should be completed before the corpse rigid situation appears. rnrn4、以下是怎样处理狗狗遗体的步骤:(为了防止读者在看的时候感到不适,在处理环节用“身体”来替代“尸体”一词)rn
    First handle your body and wear latex gloves. After the dog dies, some body fluids usually flow. At this time, you may notice that the original clean areas of the dog's mouth, genitals, and anus are out of body fluid or waste. When you are moving your body, some body fluids and wastes may flow out.

    In a blanket that can be wrapped in the entire dog's body, and then find two strong plastic garbage bags. Just like a dog asleep, wrap the dog and wrap it tightly from one end of the blanket. Then slide the wrapped body into the prepared two garbage bags. If it is a large dog breed, this is a job that requires two people to work together.

    If it is possible, it is best to put two bags at the mouth of the bag. If someone will take it, you need to add the necessary marks to the bag, such as your you Name and dog name.

    before being buried or cremated, the body should be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. If you have no conditions to store your body like this, and you cannot send your body to your veterinarian or properly processed. If the body cannot be preserved with a refrigerator and freezer, you need to add an additional layer of plastic bags, choose to temporarily put it in the garage or basement, not more than 4-6 hours, because it will start to produce bad odors and pollute the environment in the home after 6 hours.

    If you want to bury your dog in your own backyard, first of all, you need to determine the provisions that meet the local laws. Before burial, you must make the body from the material that cannot be biodegradable (such as a plastic bag) (such as a plastic bag). Take it out. The body can be placed in wooden or cardboard coffins. The grave should be dug at least 3 feet (1 meter) deep, and the location should be selected in a position that is unlikely to be eroded or unexpectedly excavated.

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