5 thoughts on “Where's the best pet shop in Renqiu?”

  1. The Kangkang pet clinic of Century Commercial City is a man. It tastes a lot in it, and the doctor is very indifferent. Many big dogs.
    The newly opened Wangwang of Qianshan Road, it turned out to be a boom in a businessman. Friends said that the total sick dogs, I went to the shopkeeper once, it was very enthusiastic.
    The latest opening of Qianshan Road, three Teddy two skin diseases, the water is dirty and dirty, and it is not responsible for the puppy!
    It Chenchang Aobe sells dog food, has not bought it at his house, and it feels not fresh when I see so many pressures, and every time I go to their house, they will say why others' homes are not good. He How is the home? The mouth was broken and felt that they were not real.
    Chenchang Love Hospital, I always heard that he died of the dog! Intersection But dog food is cheap.
    The Anqi pet clinic of Xinhua Road is very warm. It can be said that it is the most warm of Renqiu's pet shop. People speak very quickly. The things in the store are complete. There are very cute puppies.
    Tow dog pet shop, a large courtyard behind, the people in the village opened, the shop was messy and dark. The owner is very enthusiastic and ask what you need. But since it is joining, why is it still decorated like that?

    The is so many in general, I haven't been to the rest.

  2. Qianshan Road was just opened by the pet hospital of the family. I think his service attitude is very good, and the medical skills are also very good. My little dog is cured. It makes me comfortable.

  3. I disagree with the point of view upstairs. Kangkang Technology is the best Aiba price cheap price, very enthusiastic, love is not very good.

  4. My friend bought the beauty of the beautiful family in the back street of Commercial Street, and on the couple of Chen Jiu, his puppy had skin diseases, and they did not say, they guise.

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