4 thoughts on “If you want to raise a dog, what do you need to prepare for the first time to raise a dog?”

  1. When raising dogs for the first time, before taking the dog home, you should prepare all kinds of things needed by dogs, dog food, dog nest, hair dryer, towels, and dog life. Gear, don't wait to take the dog home before you find that nothing is ready, and it is easy to buy the wrong thing in a hurry.
    . The first thing the appropriate dog food is to prepare dog food for dogs. Dog foods for different varieties and different years of dog food are different. After selecting the dogs of the dog Just start buying dog food suitable for it. If the dogs are too snacks, they can't prepare foods such as goat milk and milk cake for it. You can use goat milk powder without goat milk.
    . There must be at least two types of dietary dogs. One is a dog food basin and the other is a dog drink water heater. The dog food basin is used to install dog food. It is recommended to have a non -slip pad, otherwise it is easy to be pushed away by the dog. To teach dogs to use drinking heaters, and run away when you are thirsty. Dietary utensils must be cleaned frequently to avoid dog diseases from entering the mouth.
    . The dog's nest or dog cages must be prepared in advance. Dogs need to have a place to rest. If there is no specified place from the beginning, it may develop a dog to sleep everywhere. Habit. The puppy that just brought back may not be adapted to the environment. You can let it rest in the dog cage first. After you are familiar with and train, you can prepare a warm keo foil for it.
    . The cleaning appliances of the cleaning appliances are absolutely indispensable. To prepare the dog's bath towels and dedicated bath solution, the hair dryer should be used by ourselves. You can also prepare a toothbrush for dogs to clean the dog's mouth.
    5. The dog rope and collar should take the dog to play outdoors. There must be no collar and dog rope. Be careful of the dogs running or bite others. However, it is best not to go out when dogs are young, which is prone to germs and parasites.
    6. The pet dogs of warm clothes are relatively fragile, and the hair will be cut off, so once the weather is cold, it will be frozen. When you are cold and getting sick.

  2. To prepare the corresponding dog food, and prepare some dogs used by dogs, also prepare a dog cage, prepare some dogs to eat, and also prepare some corresponding drugs. Essence

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