1 thought on “Where can I sell dogs in Sujiazhuang Town, Ningjin County”

  1. "Hebei Xingtai Ningjin County Dog Market.

    Shandong working dog breeding base is a large -scale famous dog farm with scientific breeding and breeding. : Teddy Dog, Bichon Dog, Chihua Dog, Big Dog, Pomeranian, Jingba Dog, Bagu, Tea Cup Dog] [Medium -sized Dogs include Labrador, Golden Retriever, Samoyed Dog, Husky, Husky Scottish Shepherd, Witi Bit Dog] [Large dogs are: German Shepherd, Skogine, Rowide Dog, Dog Dog, Casro Dog, Horse Dog, Wolf Green Dog, Bit Dog, Dog Dog , Border Shepherd, Laizhou Red Dog, Soviet Red Dog, Black Wolf Dog, Hammer is a shepherd dog, racing sheep dog] scientific breeding technology, reproduction, the glory of it.

    breastfeeding There are many types of animals, the sense of smell and hearing are very sensitive, with long and thin tongue, it can heat dissipation, the hair is yellow, white, black and other colors. It is the earliest domesticated livestock, some can be trained into a police dog, some are used to help hunting , Shepherd and so on. Also called dogs. "

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