3 thoughts on “What kind of dogs in the world are the most expensive and how much is the value?”

  1. The first thing to say is that the current price of the Tibetan mastiff is fried by dog ​​traffickers. However, I can tell you that the most worthy dog ​​in the world is a German herd called Jinte IV on the "Pet Rich" rankings. The legacy of 90 million pounds, and the wealth dates back to the old owner of Kimte III, the Earl Earl of Germany Carolita Liben Stein. When Carlota died in 1992, he left his pet dog Kimte III 43 million pounds of legacy. In the past 15 years, the value of this heritage has doubled. In July 2000, the famous singer Madonna sold her luxury house in Miami to "Kimte IV" at a price of 5 million pounds. of. In addition, it is estimated that "Kimte IV" has multiple real estate in the Bahamas, Italy and Germany. But my dog ​​is the most worthwhile dog in my heart

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