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  1. Speaking of the most local tyrants in the world, everyone will first think of the UAE Dibai. We all know that the oil resources of the Middle East country are rich, and there are not a few people who get rich by the oil. In the beginning of the city, the city of Dubai relied on oil and then transformed in industries. Among them, the tourism, financial industry, and real estate momentum were very optimistic.
    The domestic travel agencies will basically have the travel route of Dubai, and you can go to Dubai to experience the "local tyrant" anytime, anywhere. A donkey friend I met, and went to Dubai not long ago. After arriving at the field, the deepest impression of donkey friends is that some "gold self -service veterans" can often be seen on the streets of Dubai. Gold is like an ordinary drink. As long as you pay money, it will fall out immediately. Including on the street, luxury cars and luxury homes can be seen everywhere. In addition to these, after knowing the hobbies of Dubai local tyrants, donkeys really realize what it is really "壕". They couldn't raise the same as the rich in Dubai.
    Mi people may have heard that some people in Dubai will raise "big cats" as pets, that is, tigers, lions, or some hybrid beasts. These animals that we usually see in the zoo, in the eyes of Dubai local tyrants are a "large pet" that can always hold out of the door. These large pets are no longer rare for Dubai local tyrants. Some people familiar with the matter told donkey friends that the most popular pets are now their fans.但 is a kind of bird, but there are many varieties, and their value is different. Now the most common crickets are red -footed, yellow claws, red crickets, hunting hunter, and so on. Many Dubai local tyrants can put millions of dollars for a good flower flower.
    This is not only as simple as pets for them, but also a symbol of "rich". Luxury cars, luxury homes, gold and silver jewelry can no longer reflect their "pride", and only pets can be used by pets can be brought. Comparison. However, they still like , 不过. After all, the Arabs lived by hunting in their early years, and they naturally have an inexplicable love for birds.
    among so many categories, the most popular among them is the king of birds hunting, because with the development of the times, the most favorite categories of the world are the kings of the birds in the birds. Hunting is less and less, and things are rare. It is listed as rare protection of animals, and people are not allowed to kill them at will.
    and if you are carefully discovered, tourists traveling in Arabia can see the patterns of banknotes and national emblems in many countries in Arabia. The Dubai people who raised their puppets will put satellite positioning on their body to prevent their whereabouts from flying away.
    Sure enough, the world of local tyrants is different, and even pets have such personality. Xiaobian feels that poverty is limited to my imagination, let alone ah. Essence What are the unusual pets in which countries have you seen? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area and share it together.

  2. The favorite pet in the world, the favorite of Dubai local tyrants, feed costs as high as 10 million

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  3. The purchase cost of the eagle and eagle pupae, the cost of the eagle pupae, and its breeding costs are also eye -catching. It is very common for the Arab Lingti dog, snake, lion, tiger and leopard as pets to run on the ground.

  4. Some people in Dubai will keep tiger, lion or some hybrid beasts. But their favorite pets are。. Ah is a kind of bird, but there are many varieties, including red -footed pupa, yellow claws, red crickets, hunting hunter, etc., and their value is also different.

  5. "Big cats" can be used as pets, tigers, lions, or some hybrid beasts. These large pets are no longer rare for Dubai local tyrants.

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