Where can I buy a dog in Shanghai?

I want to buy a bichon dog. May I ask you, where can I buy a dog in Shanghai?

6 thoughts on “Where can I buy a dog in Shanghai?”

  1. Pet shop? The top star pet club at the intersection of Zhangyang Road, Pudong, you can go to see
    It, don't go on the south road of Tibet, just like Huangpu District, don't go to
    Buy ten deaths
    and on Taobao. Do n’t look at it. Do n’t see that basically all dog traffickers are pretending to be
    It, you can search on Baidu to search for similar keywords on Shanghai dog scammers.

  2. You can go to Taobao first. You can choose Shanghai in the area, because selling dogs generally have physical stores, and you can also compare it online. Contact the seller again, discuss the price or something ~~~ Remember to find a better reputation store ~~~ I wish you a buying a baby who has a relationship with yourself

  3. Never go to the pet foster shop at the Songhong Road Metro Station to buy a week and sell the dog to buy the dog for a week and die

  4. I remember that there is a pet shop on Hongqiao Road that is quite famous
    The naughty family
    It near the zoo
    If you are lucky
    Home of Manchester United to go to beauty
    haha ​​~

  5. Don't go to Jiading that ~! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Especially there are Boyuan Road ~! Intersection Intersection Intersection W was deceived

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