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  1. Love clean pet dogs:
    1, Teddy, not only cute, but also has the advantages of all good breeding, smart, not screaming, and not very hair removal, so don't worry too much about hair allergies.
    2, the Shih Shi dog, the same as the Teddy, and Teddy, are smart, understanding, and good for breeding. The communication ability of Xi Shi dogs is also very cheerful and gentle. The amount of walking is smaller than other small dogs, so you don't need to spend a lot of time with walking, but the hair of the Shi Shi dog has a long hair, and it should be combed often.
    3, the Cavaliers Charlie King Xiao Huntou, the little knight is a gentle, can become a good friend with anyone, no matter what kind of bad realm can adapt quickly, it is an ideal family dog. Especially the natural wavy hair on the ears makes it look more elegant. Even people who are raising dogs can be easily tamed.
    4, Yorkshire dog, York's long and beautiful hair is particularly attractive, smart, lively and adventurous, not easy to remove hair, and the amount of exercise is relatively small. It is very important to teach the discipline of the Yorkshire Dog.
    Extended information:
    Neramate Note:
    1. Bathing for dogs, puppies entering a strange new environment, they will cause stress reactions because they are not adaptable. The body's resistance to the outside world will be If you take a bath at this time, it is easy to get sick and even endanger life. When the odor on your body becomes unbearable, you can wipe it with a wet towel or dry cleaning powder, and pay attention to keep warm.
    2. Going out with a dog, if the puppies are less than 3 months, or the vaccination has not yet been completed. For safety, it is best not to take it out. Fresh air, but it is necessary to stop, it is advisable to be about 15 minutes.
    3, the indoor temperature is too low. If the air conditioner is turned on at home, the temperature is very low, it is easy to cause a puppy to catch a cold. It is best to place the dog in a room without air conditioning, or it will not blow to the air conditioner.
    6. Do not immediately eat a lot of food for the dogs when you go home. Stopping for a day will not affect the dog, prevent the dog from gastrointestinal disorders caused by emotional confusion, causing other diseases.

  2. Some parents are unwilling to raise dogs in their lives. It may be because some dogs are prone to hair loss, but there are also many dog ​​breeds. Next, let me introduce to you several kinds of clean varieties.
    1. The poodle
    The poodle is suitable for those who are allergic to feed, and the poodle does not often remove hair. Its hair is a low -sensitive type. VIPs are smart,
    are active, suitable for raising at home, as long as they take care of it regularly.
    2. Chow Chow Dog
    The is the cleanest variety among dogs. They are gentle, and their tastes are very small. It adapts to the family environment
    is faster.
    3. Moscow hairless dog
    . It is a kind of animal without hairy, which is very short. This dog's personality is careful and not noisy. It is suitable for being with the owner. Apply a layer of moisturizing dew when you take a shower.

  3. First, the most experienced dogs: cocoa, bullfighting, Shapi, chopsticks, Beijing, Lingti, Soviet Russia, Dubin, Bagu, Big
    , the lightest dog: big White Bear, Butterflies, Clear, Husky, Berne Mountain, Damaicho, Marzis, Samoyed, Bian Mu, Afghanistan
    , king of saliva: British bullfighting, Baggi, Santa, Chow Chow , Dubin, Saabi, the United States Keka, Shi Shi, Tibetan Mastiff, Rowide
    . Dogs with the least saliva: butterflies, Bomei, VIPs, Sherry, Big Bear, Chisha, Mini Dubin, La La, La La, La La, Latin Brado, Husky, Jacidi
    . The favorite dogs: Yorkshire, West Highland, VIPs, Chisha, Saushan, Big, Beijing, Soviet Russia, German Mu n Six six , The least loved dogs: big white bears, Rowa, butterflies, Jacheti, Berne Mountain, Tibetan mastiff, Afghanistan, Barca, Sherry, Biexue
    Seven, the favorite dog Dogs: Su Mu, Bian Mu, Husky, Xisati, Bomei, Xishi, Bull Terrier, Silver Fox, Beijing Dog, Su Russian Wolf Hunter Dog
    Eight, the least hairless dog: silk hair stalk, butterfly dog , Marzis, Yorkshire, VIP, Panago, Sherry, Barnar, West Gaosheng, Fox Hunting Sirdorites
    , the most sports dogs: Bian Mu, Spert, Soviet Russian Hunting Wolf, giant snow, German shepherd, Shapei, fox hunting stalk, golden retriever, Pasao, Gumu
    , the most unwilling dog: silver fox, butterfly, Malzis, Yorkxia, Xi Shi, Xi Shi, Xi Shi, Xi Shi , Dubin, Chihuahua, Beijing, French bullfighting, British bullfight
    eleven, the most cold -resistant dogs: Husky, Alaska, Spert, Golden Retriever, Jacheti, Berne, Chow Chow, Marzus , Bian Mu, Samoyed
    12. The most afraid of cold dogs: Lingti, Mini Dubin, Chihuahua, VIPs, Niu Tou Sirdosa, Beijing, York Xia, British Bull, French Bull, Dubin
    13. The most heat -resistant dogs: Xigao, Malzis, VIPs, Silk Sircardia, Soviet -Russian, Jacheti, Nishi -cho, Santa, Bagol
    14, the most most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most, the most Dogs who are afraid of heat: Berne Mountain, Bull head stalks, bull fights, Sali, Sherry, Sheronori, Beijing, Gumu, Husky, Bomei, Siber n fifteen, the most trained dog: Bian Mu: Bian Mu , VIPs, German Mu, Golden Retriever, Dubin, Jacheti, Labrador, Butterfly, Rowidea, Stinge
    , the most difficult dogs: silver fox, Afghanistan, bullfighting, pine, pine pine Lion, Big, Beijing, Baggis, Shihta, Chihuawa, Bull head stalk
    17. The most suitable for the first raising dog: Labrador, Golden Retriever, Bianpu, Dubin, German Mu, Soviet Russia, Soviet Russia , Alaska, Corgi, Xigao Land, Chihuahua
    18. The most unsuitable dogs: Sperter, Bull head stalks, mini Dubin, silver fox, Juxue, Beijing, Beinton, silk, silk, silk, silk Mao Yan, Fox Hunting Sirioscopy, Sausage
    19. Dogs that need to be cosmetic: Card Card, Biexiong, Xishi, Gumu, Afghanistan, Xigao, Shathiri, Yorkxia, Malxia, Malxia, Malxia, Malxia, Malxia, Malxia, Malxia, Malxia, Malxia, Malxia, Malxia, Malxia, Malxia, Magnatan Erzis
    20. Dogs that do not need to be beautiful: bull head stalks, bullfighting, Chihuahua, Dubin, fox hunting stalk, wax Intestinal, Panago, Corgi, Siber, Silver Fox
    Twenty -one, the most sticky dogs: Gu Mu, Santa Bernard, Shami, Yorkshire, Chow Chow Highlands, British Kaka, Bomei, VIP
    Twenty -two, the most unsustering dogs: Sperter, Bull head stalk, mini Dubin, giant Schuro, Silver Fox, Leni, Belington, Belington Sirdles, silk hair stalks, fox hunting stalks, standard Sherry
    23. The most friendly dogs to children: Golden Retriever, Labrador, U.S. Card, Su Mu, British Kaka, Soviet Russian Hunting Wolf Dogs, Berne Mountains, Shi Shi, San Bernard, Samoyed
    Twenty -four, the most unwilling to children: mini Dubin, giant Schuro, French bullfighting, Lingti, Belington , Chihuahua, Fox Hunting Stalk, Standard Sherry, West Highland, La Sa
    Twenty -five, the most friendly dogs to live people: Labrador, Golden Retriever, Husky, Gumu, Big, Bear Bear, Bear Bear, Bear Bear , Butterfly, Damaicho, Sanbona
    26. The most unwilling to live with people: Silver Fox, Mini Dubin, Giant Snow, Chisha, Akita, Sali, Sausage, Standard Snow, Standard Snow, Standard Snow, Narui, Afghanistan, Malzis
    27. The most friendly dogs to animals: Samoyed, Golden Retriever, Siber, British Kaka, Big, Labrador, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy Di, Butterfly, Burne Mountain
    28. The most unwilling to animals: silver fox, bull head stalk, mini Dubin, giant snow, Belington, Alaska, Bianpu, Lingti, Chihuahua baby , Akita

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