4 thoughts on “Many people are raising pets now, so what pet dogs are good and clean?”

  1. Many people think that pets are more troublesome. It needs to clean and take care of it every day. It will be more troublesome than raising children. In addition, the most headache is for some sanitary issues. Some pets have a little heavier. Sometimes if they do not clean it well, they may emit unpleasant odors. So, those who want to raise and are afraid of trouble will think, can there be better and clean pet dogs to raise?
    Today, I will introduce the golden retriever hunting dogs:
    Golden -haired hunting dog, also known as the golden retriever hunting dog, is a popular dog species. The place of origin is Scottish and England. Because it is easy to raise, it is easy to see in the current family. It is very patient, and it does not have high requirements for the owner. It only needs to exercise regularly, diet and physical examination. The most popular characteristic of Golden Rather Hound is that it has a flattering personality. It belongs to the well -proportioned, limbs, and lively dog ​​species. Adult dogs weigh 27-34 kg. Personality is enthusiastic, alert to people, self -confidence, and not afraid of strangers. It is very friendly to children and babies, and the IQ of 1. Golden Rather Hound ranks fourth in the world's dog IQ.
    The other pets that like clean and easy to raise, for example: hamster
    hamsters are a small animal that we usually see easily, because it likes sleeping very much, and also likes to bite things slowly, Speed. Especially during the day, it is often sleeping, unless it is full, it is difficult to wake it up. Only at night will he be a little more active and like to play cute in front of the owner. Moreover, it will not excrete a lot, and it looks clean.

    This Chinese turtles
    If you want to raise an animal you don't have to worry about, Chinese turtle is a good choice. The turtles move slowly and consume very little, so the owner does not need to spend too much energy to take care of it. And its resistance is very strong, it is not easy to get sick, and it is very suitable for office workers. Even people with no experience can easily deal with it.

  2. Bomei, Teddy, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Samoyed's pet dogs are relatively easy to raise, pet dogs themselves are very clean, and there will be no big odor at home.

  3. Many people are raising pets now. These dogs are good and clean. For example, there are many people in daily life such as Little Deer, Teddy, Sherry, Yorkonia.

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