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  1. The pets are covered with thick hair. For these hair, the hair looks very clean and tidy, and the pet owner will comb their hair and take a bath. But do you know how to treat the hair correctly? Today, I will take you to understand how to treat pets correctly, especially dogs.
    . How to take a bath correctly
    1. The purpose of bathing: The secretion of the dog sebaceous glands has a unpleasant smell, and it will also be stained with filth to make the hair tangled and emit a array. Steering. If you do not take a bath, it is easy to cause the pathogenic microorganism and parasites, making your dog get sick. Therefore, we must take a bath to keep the skin clean and hygienic, which is conducive to the health of the dog.
    2, bathing time: Dogs lick the hair by my tongue, which is a kind of instinct for the dog's self -cleaning, but the cleaning of the dog is far from enough, and you must take a bath. Generally, the dog raising dogs can be washed once a month, and the temperature is high and humid south, which can be washed once 1-2 weeks.
    3. The method of bathing: Due to weak resistance, puppies are prone to respiratory infections, colds and pneumonia due to the cold. Therefore, the puppies within half years should not be water bath. It is advisable to dry them. Spray the conditioner and baby powder of more than 10 times diluted every day or the next day. The dog is afraid of taking a bath, so you need to do the training of the dog for the first time, fill the pot with warm water, put the dog in the pot, and reveal your head and neck. This will make the dog feel comfortable. I would like to take a bath.
    4, the correct method of bathing is as follows: Stand the dog's head to your left side, block the left hand to the bottom of the dog's head to the chest, and fix the dog body. Place the right hand in the bathtub, and gently wet the order of the hips, back, abdomen, back, hind limbs, shoulders, and forelimbs, apply shampoo (preferably pet fragrance), rub it gently, use a comb, and quickly quickly use the comb. Gel, press the sides of the anus with your fingers before rinse, and squeeze the secretions of the anus glands. Use your left or right hand to cover your two ears from the lower palate, rinse it gently with water with water, pay attention to prevent the water from flowing into the ears, then rinse the body with water with water from the body, and immediately wrap it with a towel immediately with a towel. The head, dry the water. The long hair dog can be dried with a hair dryer. While the hair dryer, the hair should be combed. As long as the dog is not dry, it should be combed until the hair dry.
    . The precautions of the dog when the dog baths
    1. Before bathing, you must sort out the hair before bathing. Remove the large dirt and easy to wash. Especially the surroundings, behind the ear, under the armpit, the inside of the stock, the tip of the toe, etc., the parts that dogs are most unwilling to sort out are more clean. When combing, in order to reduce and avoid the pain of the dog, hold the root of the hair in one hand and sort out the other hand.
    2, the temperature of bath water should not be too high and low. Generally, it is advisable to be 36-37 degrees in spring. When taking a bath, you must prevent the shampoo from flowing into the dog's eyes or ears. It should be thoroughly flushed when flushing. Do not keep soap foam or shampoo on the dog to prevent dermatitis from stirring the skin.
    3, bathing the dog should be carried out in the morning or noon, do not take a bath in the air humidity or rainy days. Immediately after washing, it should be dried up with a hair dryer or wiped with a towel. Do not put the dogs after bathing in the sun.
    . The method of combing the dog correctly
    1. Carefully touch the easily knotted parts before combing the hair: the back of the ears to the neck, the limbs and the armpit. If there is a small hair group or a part of the hair thicker than the other parts, then it may be knotted here. The needle comb is not easy to comb into the root, and it needs to be combed layer by layer. The row comb is inserted into the skin of the hair, and then it is lifted up. At this time, whether there is a summary of the summary, you can't escape.
    2. If you encounter a group, do not pull a lot of pull, combing the wool ball with a needle comb into the "blanket", and then spray the jet liquid at the knot of the hair root. Slowly dredged the knot and finally dried. If the hairy knot is stubborn, then you can cut it with beauty. From the roots of the hair, the hair will be broken. The premise is to flatten the knot as much as possible into a blanket. Before bathing, it needs to be opened because the sebum on the hair is helpful for opening.
    3. After bathing, be sure to dry it completely and comb to comb. Just follow the hair drying ~ This can ensure that the needle combs the hair combing from the root. After taking a bath, you can see it clearly. You must not miss this opportunity and kill all the knots!
    It in the summer, there will be a lot of shovel officers shaving the hair on the dog to help them dissipate heat. In fact, this is a very serious error. In summer, the hair on the dog can help them reduce some ultraviolet radiation. If all the hair of the dog's hair shave, it will let their skin sunburn and get skin disease.
    The correct approach is: in summer, you can clean up the soles and abdomen of the pet's feet in time to help heat dissipation; but when cutting hair, avoid trimming too short, because proper hair can block ultraviolet rays. And if you shave your hair for them, they are not suitable for them, they will be unhappy, ashamed to see people, and even depression.
    In summer, you can heat the dog like this: pay attention to control the indoor temperature and humidity. Generally speaking, it is best to drive the air conditioner and wetting during the day, and the exhaust fan must be turned on to help the air circulation. In this way, keep the dog's body dry. And because of the hot weather, the time to go out is also arranged in the morning and evening. Focus on more hair and take a bath. As soon as the weather is hot, everyone likes to refuse and remove the sweat on the body. In this way, the dog also needs to take a bath, so the owner of a lot of dogs take a bath all day long. In fact, this approach is not correct. Most dogs have no sweat glands and will not sweat. The only little oil on its body surface is very valuable. If you take a bath all day, you will wash these fats, which is not conducive to the health of pets.
    Once the fat on the body is less, the dogs will be difficult to resist bacteria invasion. Therefore, even in the summer, there is no need to shower pets too often. Washing 7 days to 15 days is okay. After taking a shower, you have to dry them dry. If you come back, you can use a wet towel to wipe it and wipe your body with a dry towel. Although there is no frequent bath, it is necessary to take care of summer. The best way is to combine it often.
    The summer temperature is high, and appetite is prone to decline. At this time, you should reduce meat, increase fresh vegetables or change the type of feed appropriately, and provide more water. In addition, you should always pay attention to cleaning your eyes and ears to prevent skin eczema!

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