What should you pay attention to when buying a dog.

I want to buy a puppy in May, what should I pay attention to,
I meant what I should pay attention to when buying a dog, such as whether to get sick. Essence Essence Essence

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  1. First, look at the hair color. Healthy puppies are generally clean, and the hair is not upright. The back is shiny, tight, smooth and elastic.
    . Look at the nose. The healthy puppy's nose is moist and smooth, and it feels cold with hands. If the nose is very dry, there are purulent secretions around, or the nasal mucosa is congested and urged, it means that the puppy is sick.
    . Look at the expression: The mental state is a comprehensive reflection of the functional state of the nervous system and the health of the dog. Healthy dogs should be gods and flexible ears. When someone approaches, the response responses quickly, showing the initiative to be close or avoided.
    . See the overall: Observe whether the dog's actions are flexible, whether the gait is stable, whether the hair is neat and smooth, whether the muscles are plump and well, whether the limbs are symmetrical and strong, and whether there is a lame. If there are obvious scars, hair removal and pimples indicate that the dog suffers from or had skin diseases.
    . Look at the body temperature. The normal body temperature of a healthy puppy is between 38.5 degrees Celsius and 39 degrees Celsius.

    6. Look at the anus. Healthy puppy anal is clean, and the anal glands are not red and swollen. If the puppy's anus is dirty, it means that the puppy has symptoms of diluted.
    7. Look at the body temperature. The normal body temperature of a healthy puppy is between 38.5 degrees Celsius and 39 degrees Celsius.

  2. I have bought dogs before, so I have experience. I bought a dog at that time. It was really annoying for a long time. I recommend buying dogs not to buy a pet market. Usually, at least 60 % of dogs over there are problems. Because those dogs are closed together, bacteria are easy to be transmitted, so it is relatively unclean and hygienic. However, if there is nothing like an ordinary problem, I am afraid that I can buy only dog ​​plague or small dogs. Once the dog has getting the caninelag or the small mortality rate is 90 %. And the dog selling dogs dresses dogs every day, and some dogs are dyed by chromosome, so they do not see anything on the surface.

    I bought a dog at that time I bought a dog in the pet market. I bought 300 yuan to buy a card dog. When I first started in the store, I felt quite like cards. It is brown, and the color is still very bright, and then the hair on the dog's ears is rolled. Later, it was found that when the color was faded because when I took a bath with it, I found that it was dyed. ,Ha ha. The dog I bought is not very healthy. After buying it, I found that I always coughed. I took it to see the veterinarian and did a comprehensive examination. Fortunately, Xingqing did not get dog plague and small. Then, after a few days of hanging needles, the sick recovered, and the needle was caught three times. Each time was more than 70. In contrast, it is troublesome to prepare for dogs to prepare for psychological preparations, and it is not a day or two.

    The on the surface you really can't see anything when choosing a dog, because when I bought a dog, I was also prepared. When I pick the dog Or the nose is too dry, and the surface condition cannot be seen at all, because the clerk will clean up these conditions of the dog, so you should choose to choose as lively as much as possible, and try to stay with the dog for a long time when you buy it for a long time for a long time. Some help to observe the energy of the dog, and the taboos are listless and weak. Those are basically bad.

    The most important point is that in terms of price, remember that the price of the puppy is not high. Do not scare yourself because of the clerk's nonsense. But if you buy in the pet market, almost all of them are string, and it is purely he will not take it out casually. Think of their dogs from the dog traffickers, and some may also be the dog breeding. After breeding in reproduction, it is said that ordinary puppy is not worth any money. When buying, the clerk will definitely make up, saying that his dog is very pure.

    Finally, I personally prefer long -haired dogs like Bomei and Jingba, cute and obedient. It is mainly common, but the price is not high. Don't buy those very rare dogs, it is easy to be deceived. The clerk will say that the rare type of dogs must be high. In fact, after buying it, it will not look good about the dog.
    Okay, talked about it, so tired, go to TV. Essence Essence Essence

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. The dogs on the dog market are not raised by the dog vendors. The dogs on the dog market are raised by their own. Don't believe it! 2. When buying a dog, you must let the dog walk away, run, and observe the body and limbs carefully. If their dogs are defective, they will deliberately close the dog or deliberately attract you. Just put the dog on the cage and say that it will run out, in fact, it is to hide the flaws of puppy lame. 3. Pay more attention to the beautiful dogs, they may do so to cover up the dog's defects. 4. When buying dogs, you find that the puppy is very clean, so you must pay attention to it, because there are many dogs of dog traffickers, and there is no time to control such trivial matters. They want to conceal the dog's disease. 5. If the puppy is particularly excited, then this puppy is likely to be injected with drugs, because the dogs who have taken the drug will become very energetic within two or three days, and the illness will be suppressed. But after the effect is over, the dog's disease may be more serious. 6. Refusing to buy the road is unknown. These people are like hawkers selling pirated CDs on the street, just like shaving the small soil dogs and telling you that it is Sharpe, and the point is spots. It is estimated that if this puppy is born, it will be fat. If you have folds on your body, it should be called sand spots.

  4. If you are convinced that you are suitable for raising a dog at home, then don't worry first. Different varieties of dogs have their own characteristics. You can consider which breed to choose according to the following aspects.

    1. Height and weight

    The height and height after the dog grows up. You must consider whether your home area can provide it with sufficient activity space And whether it will lead to too much inconvenience in family members. Furthermore, major cities across the country have corresponding restriction regulations. For example, the Beijing Municipal Restriction Law clearly stipulates that the city eight districts are key restricted areas, and only 22 small dogs are allowed to be raised. You will be quite passive when you become a "giant". Of course, if you have a high love for a big dog, and at the same time live in the suburbs and spacious home, you don't need to think about it too much.

    . The degree of activity

    This dogs with high degree of activity are more moved and easy to excite. More time. If you have an outgoing personality and have enough leisure time to accompany it, then it is more appropriate to choose a dog with high degree of activity.

    3. Attack

    The dogs who are family partners have been domesticated for a long time and basically will not cause harm to people. But if you have children in your family, it is recommended that you still have strong offensive dogs to avoid accidents. You must not be sloppy. Among the dogs that bite children every year in the United States, the biggest number is not the fierce wolf dog, but the gyneter that is lighter than the baby!

    4. Can be trained

    Table training is the inheritance of the variety itself. You cannot expect the Beijing dog in your home to buy newspapers on the street like the shepherd dog of the neighbor, They have different varieties, and they can naturally be comparable. Of course, training level does not mean whether dogs are smart, just like you can't think that it is not as smart as cats because you can't catch mice. However, it should be noted that the barking of dogs with low training and low training, and it is easier for me to cause trouble to families and neighbors. If it is highly active and offensive, it should be more careful.

    It, the dog's long and short knowledge is learned. Many friends think that the dogs with long hair varieties should be "cool" than short hairs, but also more dressed. Daily hair care and trimming, if you do not have enough time to cook it, then the fleas and skin diseases brought by long hair will have a headache, especially when there are children in the family or those who are easy to be allergic to the skin, you should consider it carefully.

  5. 100 dogs are generally not good and easy to die. Dogs in the dog market are generally not good. It is recommended to buy a family to breed. It is cheaper and healthy.
    Since the students are a bit bad at
    I suggest that don't raise it. When you have the conditions to raise it, this is responsible for the dog!
    If you persist, choose the dogs to pay attention to these points:
    1. The dog's mental state is better, and you cannot be excessively excited or unpredictable.
    2. There are no dirty objects near the anus, clear eyes, no eye shit or turbid matter, the ears are cleaned pink, the skin has no red spots, pustules, the skin is clean, the procedure is pink, and the traces of no dyeing. The nose is clean and humid, without thick secretions.
    3. The dog's teeth are white, stone -free, and silent.
    4. The front leg, the hind legs are not exterior or 8.
    5. The male dog has two testicles.
    6. Walking gait is normal and the legs are not stubborn.

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