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  1. How to remove the smell of the dog's body
    How to remove the smell of the dog's smell, almost all people raising dogs are almost troubled by a problem, that is, the taste of the dog, some dogs on the taste of dogs do indeed indeed It is very big, especially when it rains cloudy, this smell will become more obvious, so how to remove the smell of the dog?
    How to remove the smell of smell on the dog 1 to eliminate body odor and reduce the practical method of the taste
    1. Wash the buttocks.
    The dog's hair is all over the body. Whether it is urine or shit, it will soil the fur, and it may be clocking for a long time. In addition, the anal glands that secrete liquids are also an important source Therefore, these parts need to be scrubbed with alkaline soap and warm water. It is better to be about 2 times a week.
    2. Wash the stinky feet frequently.
    This to cut nails and wash your feet, often cut off the hair in the gap of its paw trimming. These fine hairs not only carry dirty dirt, but also accumulate bacterial viruses. Waiting for various diseases, often trimming can reduce the taste.
    3. Comprehensive conditioning reduces odor
    If in summer, you can eat some light food for pet dogs. The salt content should be low, do not be too greasy, eat less bone, keep oral hygiene, and avoid bad breath.
    If the skin diseases such as hair loss need to be treated in time, they often help them dig out their ears, dig earwax, or buy special baths and beauty products to take a bath for them.
    Mverly clean the dog's room, keep it clean and tidy, and drive away the parasites. In addition, it often brushes it to the teeth and bite the gum to grind it.
    The body of anyone and pets exudes a special smell. Generally, the clean dog has a lighter taste and a light taste.
    Conversely, if the smell is particularly strong, there is a smell, it often emits a special odor. Most of them are not done well, or have some diseases that need to be treated. The mouth, ears, underarms, limbs, and anal glands are places where dogs odor is concentrated.

    Stitus The common cause of body odor
    1. Do not take a bath often, and the dirt is not cleared in time. Of course, it emits odor.
    2. The endocrine of pet dogs with young people is relatively high. Some oily skin breeds are particularly obvious. Too much hormone secretion and humid environment, breeding a large amount of bacteria, bacterial decomposition causes heavy odor.
    4. Most of pet dogs with diarometer, periodontitis, gingivitis, diabetes, inflammation of the ear, and skin diseases are mostly odor.
    5. The male and female dogs who are in estrus and breeding period will secrete a special sex hormone for attracting each other.
    6. After feeding dog food, the food residue stays in the mouth and does not brush and clean it in time.
    8. Related to diet, dog food eats less. Large dogs, mainly meat, generally have odor and fishy smell.
    9. Dogs are too long, even if you take a bath, it is difficult to completely wash the skin dirt, so the odor produces.
    How to remove the fishy smell on the dog 2 to remove the dog's smell:
    . Clean up earwax
    When the dogs are thrown frequently or scratch their ears, it means the dog's ears If there is a problem, as long as the earwax is cleaned in the correct way, this situation can be reduced. Dogs with long ears are more likely to have this problem, because long ears can hinder blood circulation and easily stain dirt. The cotton swabs dipped in alcohol should be cleaned regularly.
    . Treatment of periodontal diseases
    Bhandling is the main reason why the dog comes out of odor. After eating, if the food residue stays in the cracks of the teeth, it will smell the smell for a long time. Periodontal disease is formed by the accumulation of dental membrane and toothing between the teeth. The wet and warm environment in the oral cavity is a breeding ground of bacteria. They can reproduce in large quantities. At the same time, they will release substances containing sulfur components. The source should take it to see the veterinarian.
    . Treatment of wounds
    If the skin is expanded by bacterial infections, it is common to produce odor, and the skin has sensitivity, hormones, and endocrine disorders. If there are fleas on the skin, the dog will grab the skin messages because of itching. When it often licks the skin with the tongue, mixes of saliva and bacteria and dust, it will slowly accumulate in the skin, and the odor will emit out.

    . Clean the anal glands
    The chief of small pustules under the left or right of the dog's anus. This is a problem with the small anal glands. Therefore, when helping the dog to take a bath, the owner is best to help the dog clean up the anal glands to keep the dog healthy.
    5. Improvement of diet
    The dog's stomach gas is also a source of odor, which is related to the food they eat. The owner should provide dogs with foods that are easy to digest, low fiber and an appropriate amount of protein.
    The benefits of timely sterilization if it is not a dog used for breeding
    1. Avoid breeding unnecessary. If cats and dogs do not sterilize, the number of fertility offspring increases geometrically: a pair of non-sterilized cats and dogs are handed in and breed. It will increase to 12,680 in 5 years.
    . The pets of pets are more tame and easy to raise; at the same time, the painfulness of the pet's Sichun is avoided and may be lost because of finding occasional leaving home. Female dogs who have not yet surrounded their estrus twice a year, and female cats estrus every 3 months.
    It, removing momentum is conducive to the health of pets, and no reproductive organs, such as female breast cancer and uterine infection, male testicular cancer and prostate disease.
    . Is it too cruel to perform a momentum for pets? Obviously not. Small surgery, especially the males, are simpler surgery. The veterinarian is under the anesthesia, and the animals will not be painful, and they will quickly restore health.
    How to remove the smell of the dog's body 3. Clean the dog's ears
    want to solve the dog's odor, then the owner will regularly help the dog to clean the ears. If you ignore the ears, Cleaning, the dog will not only stink, but also cause tears.
    How long time to clean the dog's ears?
    If your dog is drooping, then it is best to clean up when the dog is bathing. If it is a dog with a ears, you can clean up about 2 times a month.
    On how to help the dog clean the ears:
    1, first pull the dog's ear hair, and the ear hair requires ear powder as auxiliary to reduce the pain.
    2. Pour the drop of the ear drop into the dog's ears, and slowly rub the dog's ears at the root of 10-15, and then the dog will throw the head by itself. After the dog is finished Wipe it with a large cotton.
    3. Remember to reward the dog after finishing.
    . Cleaning the soles of the dog's feet
    In addition to cleaning up the ears, the owner must also clean up the soles of the dog's feet. This is not good for dog feet.
    How to clean up the soles of the dog's feet?
    Actually, after taking the dog out every day, the owner can help the dog wipe it with a wet towel, but be careful not to wash it directly with water, which can easily cause eczema.

    . Cleaning dogs, buttocks
    The buttocks of dogs also need to be cleaned regularly, especially small dogs with less exercise. If it is not squeezed for a long time, it will not only cause inflammation, but also stink.
    The method of squeezing anal glands:
    1. Prepare gloves, paper towels, snacks.
    2. Apressing the dog to calm it down, and then find the best position of the anal glands. Generally, in the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock direction of the buttocks, you can obviously feel that there are two things.
    3. The movement of the squeeze is repeated, squeezing the anal gland fluid until the anal glands are squeezed.
    . Cleaning the dog's mouth
    This dog's bite force is very strong. If you often eat too much soft food, then the dog's mouth will definitely stink, so the owner also needs to be regularly needed Clean the dog's mouth.
    On how to solve bad breath?
    The owner can help the dog brush the teeth once a day, as well as big bones, grinding teeth dog snack chicken jerky, can solve the bad breath of the dog, and can also prevent dental calculus.
    WOn do not eat fish bones for dogs, it is easy to stab the dog's intestines.
    5. Improving the dog diet
    The improvement of the dog's diet can also improve the odor. There are many reasons for body odor. The main reason is that the dog's intestine is not digested well, it is easy to fart and there are still fart Stomach problems, odor from the inside out.
    This solution:
    It is recommended to choose some dog food with high absorption rates, as if this "non -greasy natural dog food" is preferably digested by the meat, and adding Silan powder and fruit oligosaccharides. , Improve the intestinal absorption rate and reduce the body odor caused by indigestion!
    6. Wash the dog sleeping pad
    In addition to cleaning up the dog's body parts, the dog's nest and sleeping pads living in dogs need to be cleaned up. If you do not clean up, then the dog is washed It will smell as stinky for a few days to sleep.
    This is cleaned once a week. It is best to get in the sun when you have a sun cushion!

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