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  1. How can I remove the odor of dogs
    Oshly how can I remove the smell on the dog? In the process of breeding the dog, I believe that the pet owners will find Tech dogs will still be stinky, so how can the following sharing remove the smell of dogs on the dog
    How can I remove the smell on the dog's body 1 1. Conditional diet
    Poor digestion and imbalance of gastrointestinal bacteria, etc., the body will ferment the abnormal ammonia smell. At this time, pay attention to adjusting the diet and gastrointestinal tract, and the use of probiotics reasonably, which can make the dog's intestine healthier and inhibit harm of harmfulness. The generation of bacteria.
    . Clean up the earwax regularly

    If the dog has a smell floating on the dog, pay attention to whether it is the taste in the ears. Disotransmia and other diseases, it is recommended to go to the hospital for diagnosis, then use the symptomatic medicine, and finally clean up regularly, you can solve the timely solution of
    3. Timely clean up the dogs of the dog
    n The large reason may be caused by the bowel movement of the dog. The owner is not cleaned up in time, which causes the bacterial proliferation and produced. It is necessary to take a bath regularly and do a good job of ventilation.
    How to remove the odor of the dog's body 2. Clean the dog's ears
    want to solve the dog's odor, then the owner will regularly help the dog to clean the ears. If you ignore the ears, Cleaning, dogs will not only stink, but also cause tears.
    How long time to clean the dog's ears?
    If your dog is drooping, then it is best to clean up when the dog is bathing. If it is a dog with a ears, you can clean up about 2 times a month.
    On how to help the dog clean the ears:
    1, first pull the dog's ear hair, and the ear hair requires ear powder as auxiliary to reduce the pain.
    2. Pour the drop of the ear drop into the dog's ears, and slowly rub the dog's ears at the root of 10-15, and then the dog will throw the head by itself. After the dog is finished Wipe it with a large cotton.
    3. Remember to reward the dog after finishing.

    . Cleaning the soles of the dog's feet
    In addition to cleaning up the ears, the owner must also clean up the soles of the dog's feet. Dogs wear shoes, so it is not good for dog feet.
    How to clean up the soles of the dog's feet?
    Actually, after taking the dog out every day, the owner can help the dog wipe it with a wet towel, but be careful not to wash it directly with water, which can easily cause eczema.

    . Cleaning the butt
    The dog's buttocks also need to be cleaned regularly, especially small dogs with less exercise, which requires regular anal gland to reduce the smell. If it is long -term for a long time Not only inflammation, but also stinky.
    The method of squeezing anal glands:
    1. Prepare gloves, paper towels, snacks.
    2. Apressing the dog to calm it down, and then find the best position of the anal glands. Generally, in the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock direction of the buttocks, you can obviously feel that there are two things.
    3. The movement of the squeeze is repeated, squeezing the anal gland fluid until the anal glands are squeezed.

    . Cleaning the dog's mouth
    The dog's bite force is very strong. If you often eat too much soft food for it, then the dog's mouth will definitely stink, so the owner It also needs to clean the dog's mouth regularly.
    On how to solve bad breath?
    The owner can help the dog brush the teeth once a day, as well as big bones, grinding teeth dog snack chicken jerky, can solve the bad breath of the dog, and can also prevent dental calculus.
    WOn do not eat fish bones for dogs, it is easy to stab the dog's intestines.

    5. Improve the diet of dogs
    This to improve the dog's diet can improve body odor. There are many reasons for body odor. The main reason is that the dog's intestine is not digested well, It is easy to fart and have bad breath problems, from the inside out.
    This solution:
    It is recommended to choose some dog food with high absorption rates, as if this "non -greasy natural dog food" is preferably digested by the meat, and adding Silan powder and fruit oligosaccharides. , Improve the intestinal absorption rate and reduce the body odor caused by indigestion!

    . Wash the dog sleeping pad
    In addition to cleaning up the dog's body parts, the dog's nest and sleeping pads living in dogs need to be cleaned up. If you do not clean up, then The dog will smell the same days after taking a bath for a few days.
    The washed the kennel once a week.
    How to remove the smell of the dog's body 3 Dog's bad breath:
    1. Successful dogs are prone to bad breath
    among dogs over three years old, 80%have the same teeth And gums. If you do n’t treat it in time, these problems will cause bad breath, gum swelling, bleeding, difficulty eating, and tooth loss.
    2. Disease causes bad breath
    . If it continues to be dragged and not cured for a long time, as the bacteria spread from the mouth to the body, the dog will have more serious health problems, such as liver disease, heart disease, and kidney disease Essence
    3. The oral factors cause
    85%of the bad breath is caused by oral infection. Excessive use of sulfur -containing amino acids to increase the proportion of salivary protein, shedding cells, and food residues, leading to excessive reproduction of bacteria. The metabolism of bacteria produces sulfur -containing volatile rot, so dogs have symptoms of bad breath.
    4. Gastrointestinal factors cause
    Is when dogs are snoring, the smell directly comes out of the digestive tract. Generally speaking, those strange smells are caused by different substances decomposed in the blood during digestion and then they spread to the exhaled qi through the pulmonary capillaries.

    5. Other reasons cause
    The excess ammonia gas spreads to the lungs through the blood pathway when respiratory tract infection. , In the end, it will cause the sour taste of the oral cavity.
    . What to do if the dog's bad breath is bad?
    1. Brush your pet dog;
    . There are other ways in life to help dogs clean tooth hygiene:
    , for example, you can give it to you Dogs eat some cleansing bones. During the biting process, it can effectively clean and stick to the teeth stones on the teeth to achieve the purpose of cleaning oral hygiene for the dog.
    3. The spray oral inhibitory and deodorizing spray. This is the best way to use it without brushing your teeth every day.
    The two hours after the dog finished eating each time, he opened his lips and sprayed gently, which relieved the formation of bad breath and plaque.
    The method of preventing dog odor:
    1. The best way to prevent bad breath: Eat specialized dog food and not eat people's food. In addition to the crispy and moderate and clean teeth, there are also health formulas provided by experts, which can effectively ensure the nutritional needs of dogs in all aspects of the dog.
    2. Adult dogs eat less wet dog food. Generally speaking, dry dog ​​food is better than wet dog food and canned food. Dry food is harder. Dogs can scrape the teeth on the surface when chewing dry food. ; Wet dog food has no such feature, it is easy to make tartar on the teeth.
    3. Give more tooth cleaning ropes, cleansing rods, beef bones, deodorant biscuits, etc. for dogs to play and eat, which is very helpful to prevent the dog's bad breath.

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