3 thoughts on “How did the toy puppy play? 160 words”

  1. I have a toy puppy, which is beautiful and cute. The puppies are light yellow fluff. Its head is very large, almost equal to the body. A wide mouth stretched forward, as if I was eating something with me. A black nose like a coal ball was tilted upwards, and it looked very naughty. A pair of blue brilliant eyes are embedded on both sides of the nose bridge, like watching me at convergence, "Little owner, please hug me." A pair of light orchid -colored flat ears are attached to the sides of the head, just like Boys' hats and ears are warm for the head. The body is fat, and it feels comfortable, just like holding a big bun in his hand. The short leg, like a small pillar lying on my desk, motionless. Even more lovely, the tail on its butt is round like a cotton ball. Whenever I go home from school, I hug it. Toy dog ​​is my good friend!

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