5 thoughts on “Golden retriever is easy to raise. How should I feed in life?”

  1. If we want to raise golden hair dogs, I should pay attention to the following matters. If conditions permit, it is better to give it dog food as much as possible, because it can have a balanced nutrition and hold a beautiful hair. In addition to eating dog food, you can also add some nutrients to it regularly, because this will make it healthier. If we want to give it chicken, we must peel off the chicken bones, because many dogs will be stuck around the neck by the chicken bone.
    . Eat dog food
    Some people feed dog food for dogs, and some people will give the dogs to eat their own meals and dishes. Compared with these two, I think it is a better choice for dogs to eat dog food, because dog food will have relatively balanced nutrition. If you eat the meals it yourself, it is likely to pick up eaters, which will cause its nutritional unevenness. If the same is uneven, then its hair color will definitely be ugly, and its health will not be too high.
    . Nutrition of regular supplement
    In addition to normal feeding, we still have to replenish it to some nutritional agents on a regular basis, so as to make it stronger. For example, you can drink it two or three times a week, so that it can also enhance its resistance and less ill. And you can also buy some nutrients dedicated to dogs, so that it can get a more comprehensive nutrition. If the dog has regularly supplemented these nutrients, then it will rarely get sick, and its resistance will be very strong, which can save you a lot of money.
    . Do not eat chicken bones
    , although the dog's teeth are very powerful, most of the bones can be stolen by it, but often walking by the river, how can there be wet shoes? Those dogs who often eat chicken bones, after eating for a while, they are always easy to get stuck by the chicken bone. If you are lucky, it can be separated. If you are not lucky, it is likely to want its life.

    Meremate, remember to like follow forward.

  2. Golden retriever is an easy -to -breed dog. Just eat dog food for golden retriever. I believe that everyone will see many people holding golden retriever when they walk on the street. This is a large dog. If you do n’t understand the golden retriever, you will feel particularly scared when you walk next to you, and you will be afraid that the golden retriever will bite themselves. But the golden retriever is particularly docile, and there will be no harmful moves. Although the body is large, it is not lively, and even if you walk on the street, you will follow the owner. If the director did not hold them, they would follow the owner very quietly.
    It now many people choose to be golden retriever, because the golden retriever is relatively large and the personality is very good. More importantly, it is also very convenient to feed, because golden retriever is not like other dogs, and golden retriever is particularly good to feed. However, the growth cycle of dogs is relatively short, and puppies do not have a long time to become adult dogs. They must take care of them. However, everyone must understand that the volume of golden retriever is relatively large, and the amount of food is very good.
    This must be fed during the process of malnutrition, do not treat the golden retaming dog in the amount of rice. Some people think that there are too many foods, so dogs need to be excreted. At this time, they have to go out to walk the dogs. They feel particularly annoying. They will deliberately reduce the amount when feeding, but this is wrong. Sometimes the golden retriever is unwilling to move, in fact, it is not because of laziness, nor because they don't want to go out. It is because of malnutrition that it will be weak after going out.
    The fixed food volume, so everyone must feed them more, and they must be fed according to the fixed amount of food. Don't treat the golden retriever for a while, otherwise it will hurt the body of the golden retriever. Such a cute golden retriever, if you feed well, believe it will be able to give everyone spiritual comfort. I also hope that everyone can treat golden retrievers well, so that they can grow up and healthy.

  3. Pay attention to supplementing calcium for dogs, you can take calcium tablets or liquid calcium. Liquid calcium is better absorbed. Do not feed some low -cost commodity food. Strictly learn the corresponding dog food according to age. Nutrition is very sufficient.

  4. You should choose to feed dog food in life, or you can also feed some ham sausages, milk, can also be fed with bread, or you can feed some bones.

  5. You should choose proper feed for feeding, understand the feeding method of golden retriever, and pay attention to the feeding situation.

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