4 thoughts on “What are the pet dogs in the large dog farm feed?”

  1. It is recommended to clean up the waterfeder daily, and it is recommended to use an automatic water feder to ensure that water is clean.
    Stainer: corn surface, stick residue and supplementary food selection: crushed beef, harmless vegetables, goat milk powder, eggs, broth, refrigerated or dry storage, feed during the shelf life.
    S little animal oil and corn, cooked in the large mouth pot (better can be made into popcorn), and then seal stored and feed during the shelf life. Note: Do not put more oil, so as not to cause dog pancreatitis.
    The high -quality dog ​​food as much as possible. Generally, if dogs have long -term food quality dog ​​food, malnutrition will deformed. (Tip: There are also cheap dog food made of sand and so on in the market, so buy carefully)

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