7 thoughts on “What do you feed your dogs?”

  1. 1. Dog food, eat all four seasons
    2. Ham sausage, general pet shops are sold, dogs are dedicated, and people eat ham sausage. Do not eat it
    3. It is poisoned
    and your avatar is your dog? Very cute*^o^*

  2. Dog food occasionally bite the meat and dog bite gum for some meat foods and dogs that are occasionally made for dogs.

  3. There is no dog raising, the family does not give up, but I really like it. I have gone to class deliberately. The dogs in the family must not only feed dog food, but also improve the food on a regular basis, but the chicken bones should never feed Well, the dogs do n’t chew very much, they will get stuck, and they must not be too salty for him. The greens must not be given more. He is not suitable for digestion. In short, you should pay attention to it. You send a file. Everyone loves dogs together

  4. When I was a kid, I was feeding dogs. When I was big, I could feed our food, but it should not be too salty. It will be too salty to lose hair and the hair will harden the dog.

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