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  1. First of all, you must choose the pet supplies to choose the need for pets, and the good use of pets is really good. Many newbies of pets always think that pets like pets too, so it is a blind spot. Common pet supplies are divided into: grain, cleaning, snacks, nutrition and life.

    grain: young pets, pets, old pet food
    Cleaning: bath fragrance waves, hair protection, dry cleaning powder, bathing brush, water absorption towels, needle comb, clean fungus solution, etc. n snacks: dogs (grinding rods, grinding bones, chicken breasts, cleanliness, cleaning Cats (cat soup bags, cans, frozen dried, etc.)
    nutritional categories: lecithin, chemical cream, vitamin tablets, etc. , Cat jumping, cat litter, cat sand pot, dog cage cat cage and so on.
    Guangzhou Baolin Pet Hospital Co., Ltd., the brand comes from Taiwan, has more than 20 years of pet -breeding experience. It mainly operates high -quality pet products, concentrate on pets, everything is for pets.

  2. Pet supplies should be purchased according to the actual situation and actual needs of pets, and the ingredients of food and the material of the supplies should be clearly seen. Common brands are Macady, Bitorgi and Royal.

  3. 首先要知道什么样的宠物用品才算是好的:rn第一点,设计温和有趣味;若你不是每天都能无时无刻的陪伴着你的爱宠,那么好的产品就能带给萌Pet a little fun, rich years waiting for you to go home. For example, there are snacks and tumblers, while playing while playing, not only exercise the pet's brainpower, but also let him move.
    The second point, fully consider the use of cats and dogs; for example, cats like to sleep high and look down at everything, the cat's nest is a product that should be placed in a high place. The dog is very sticky, and the owner sleeps when it is, so the kernel nest is usually designed with a cushion, which is convenient for the dog to move around.
    The third point. What is better is natural materials.
    If purchases of pet supplies, I recommend the pet supplies in "Holy Pet Smart Clouds" very complete, and there are many other pet foods, snacks, toys, etc. Guarantee, there are many recent preferential activities. If you have a little cuteness in this area, you can take a look.

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