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  1. Pet dogs are a kind of pet that many people like, so what kind of daily necessities need to prepare for pet dogs. Let me take a look at it for everyone.
    What daily necessities of pet dogs are made of neck circle
    The leather or artificial revolution are used to set up the dog's neck and achieve the purpose of controlling their behavior. Based on the general type, and the flea type. Except for flea -type drugs, the flea fled immediately after smelling.
    Clean bone
    Mi -made of hard plastic, looks like bones, and has many clean dog teeth on the surface.
    Is when the dog bites, the bump can be friction with the inner and outer surface of the teeth and the teeth of the teeth, removing tartar and food residues. In order to make dogs bite, flavor is added. The meaning of protecting teeth is actually the same as people, especially older dogs. Due to the increase of tartar and dental bacteria, it is easy to destroy the teeth structure and affect chewing; at the same time, the dog's mouth also smells odor, and the owner is unwilling to approach.
    , although you can also clean the real bone, there are problems left by the new food residue after cleaning. So cleaning the teeth with plastic that does not rot and deteriorates.
    This toys
    Theyal appearance with velvet with animal appearance.
    Is when the dog is at home, you can play toys by shooting, bite and other methods. Sometimes I hope that the owner will throw the toy and quickly pick it up. This is purely a supplies for dogs.
    Mi -made of ceramics or metal, which provides clothing for dogs. For the sanitation of the dog, do not throw food on the ground. Because domestic dogs are not resistant to bacteria, they are prone to digestive tract diseases; if there is no fixed tableware, food residues will be scattered everywhere, and more than two dogs are prone to food.
    Is similar to ordinary toothbrushes, which can clean the dog's oral cavity.
    The supplies to ligate the ordinary rope segment through both ends for dog bite. Its use is the same as fluffy toys, but it is mostly used for large dogs.

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